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Women's Day 2020 with OPS! - immagineblog-2

Women’s Day 2020 with OPS!

“Women’s Day is a day completely dedicated to you, created to remember and celebrate the value of women in all their diversity, between themselves and with respect to men. As many say, women shouldn’t be celebrated just one day a year, but in the meantime let’s celebrate this in the best possible way! Have you already organized something? Below you will find some style tips… always in the name of OPS!

Why it is celebrated on 8 March
But before starting to think about how to celebrate this day dedicated to women, let’s try to understand why Women’s Day falls on 8 March. There are numerous theories as to why this date was chosen, most of which are incorrect. The true origin of March 8 is linked to the Russian Revolution of 1917: on March 8 of that year, in fact, a large group of workers demonstrated against the tsarist empire in favor of the end of the First World War. That day was then considered the beginning of the Russian revolution and dedicated to the women and workers who were the first to find the courage to oppose it.

Women’s Day: a glamorous aperitif
Women’s Day, as the name suggests, is great to celebrate among women! An opportunity to reunite your closest friends and get lost in an evening of stories, chatter and gossip. Better if accompanied by a good aperitif, perhaps in the most glamorous place in the city. To face an evening like this and celebrate women’s day in the best possible way, rediscover your femininity: shoes with heels, skirts or skinny trousers, a beautiful dress. And you can refine your look with an item from the OPS! Fair collection like this hard strap watch.

Women’s Day: an elegant evening at the theater
To celebrate Women’s Day with originality, you can always organize an evening at the theater with your friends! Whether it’s a romantic comedy, a musical or a dance show, the important thing is to be together! And, as you know, elegance is a must in the theater. So here is the opportunity to pull out that long dress or those particularly elegant trousers, to combine for example with a fur coat (ecological of course!). To complete your look for a women’s party at the theater could be a watch from the OPS! Cute collection like this total black. Women’s Day: let’s go wild at the disco
If, on the other hand, you want to honor Women’s Day in a more “”wild”” way, what could be better than a night at the disco? Many clubs and discos organize ad hoc evenings that include entertainment, free admissions or complimentary drinks for women. In this case, you can show off a sexier and more aggressive look for Women’s Day, to leave everyone speechless! And with what to best finish it if not with a necklace like this one from the OPS! Precious collection?

Women’s Day: an impromptu dinner
Didn’t you have time to organize absolutely anything for Women’s Day because you got lost in a thousand commitments? Don’t worry: even a simple impromptu dinner is enough to celebrate 8 March! Maybe at someone’s home, based on pizza or sushi: after all, the important thing is to stay together and remember the value of every single woman! For a women’s day in the home version, you can therefore opt for comfortable jeans and a sweater or a simple dress with a belt at the waist and boots. You can therefore combine this more casual outfit with a simple and graceful necklace like this one from the OPS! Pearl Coin collection.

A curiosity: why is mimosa given as a gift for Women’s Day?
On Women’s Day, the yellow of the dedicated flower cannot be missing: mimosa. But why is this flower given as a gift? It is an all-Italian tradition, conceived by some women of UDI, the Union of Women in Italy, on the occasion of March 8, 1946, the first women’s day celebrated in Italy again free after the Second World War. Thanks to the intuition of these women, mimosa, a plant that blooms between February and March, has become a symbol of Women’s Day.”

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