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4 tips for the perfect graduation gift! - 976x800-classy-2

4 tips for the perfect graduation gift!

“The graduation period is approaching and therefore also the moment of the fateful question: what gift do we make? Thus begins the usual ordeal that starts from the collection of ideas, which are then all meticulously discussed in kilometer Whatsapp chats or in long phone calls, and which then passes through the hours spent on the internet looking for inspiration or walking around peeking at the shop windows of the center. So we decided to help you in this painful choice, giving you 4 tips for the perfect graduation gift, signed OPS! Gift ideas for a Literature and Philosophy degree

If your friend is majoring in Literature and Philosophy, here are some graduation gift ideas. This faculty, as well as Philosophy, History, Archeology, often attracts girls with a simple and intellectual look. That’s why among the gift ideas for a degree in Literature and Philosophy we recommend a jewel from the Ops! Pearl Coin collection like this glitter bracelet. Or why not surprise her with a watch like this from the OPS! Fair collection?

The perfect graduation gift for Law

For those who finish their studies in Law, the perfect graduation gift must be elegant and glamorous. A beautiful, valuable object that is noticeable but not too flashy. For the graduation gift you can, for example, go on a pair of earrings from the OPS! Clips collection or a jewel watch from the OPS! Classy collection. The color of the Faculty of Law is blue, a notoriously elegant color: so let your imagination run wild!

Advice for gifts for medical graduates

If your friend is going to be a future doctor instead, here are some tips for medical graduate gifts. This healthcare professional needs objects with simple shapes, which are practical to wear and easy to use. That’s why we recommend a bracelet from the OPS! Precious collection or a watch from the OPS! The one collection like this one. In addition, the representative color for the Faculty of Medicine is red: you can therefore find gifts for graduates that are in theme with this color!

The graduation gift for an engineer

In the case of an engineering graduate, a perfect graduation gift could have a sporty and casual line, to be worn not only in the office. The official engineering color is black, a detail that can help in choosing the perfect graduation gift. For engineering graduates, for example, we recommend a watch like the one from the OPS! Timeless Diamond collection or a bracelet from the OPS! Glitter chain collection.

Making a perfect graduation gift

Beyond what you can choose as a “”physical”” graduation gift, the important thing is that it is made with the heart and that it is designed specifically for the recipient. You can make your graduation gift unique by placing a personalized card or other small object that reflects the personality of the birthday girl. Try to always be original and give free rein to your imagination!

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