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Termini e Condizioni


Thank you for choosing an OPSOBJECTS product, an original creation, made in an exclusive and innovative way to achieve an excellent quality manufacturing. Wear OPSOBJECTS with care, paying attention to its structure which could be damaged in case of impact or handling. The use of fine materials makes it a special product, but also delicate and subject to deterioration. To clean the products, maintaining the shine, use a soft cloth. Do not use solvents or chemicals and avoid getting it wet. Do not use perfumes, hair sprays, creams etc… near the product. It is advisable to avoid wearing watches and jewelery while exercising and at the sea. It is physiological that with wear and rubbing between different materials, slight oxidation, scratches and dents can form.

In compliance with Legislative Decree 206-6 / 9/2005, all OPSOBJECTS products comply with the European standard REACH 1907/2006.

OPSOBJECTS products are made in:

  • AISI 304, 316L steel. Produced in P.R.C. (jewelry and watches).
  • Aluminum and ABS (smartwatches).
  • 24-karat gold-plated brass. Made in Italy (jewelry).
  • Crystals and non-precious materials.

OPSOBJECTS products are also made with processing methods that comply with current Italian and international regulations.


This warranty for Watches, Jewels and Smartwatches is valid for two years from the date of purchase shown on the same and on the receipt. The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects, for such defects your watch, jewel and/or smartwatch will be repaired free of charge by one of our Assistance Centres. The guarantee will be void if the watch, jewel and/or smartwatch are tampered with or repaired by people who are not part of the OPS!OBJECTS assistance network in Italy. This guarantee therefore excludes all damages due to improper use, lack of care, accidents, normal wear and tear or wear from liquid materials (e.g. water), unless there is an indication of water resistance, alterations or repairs not authorized by the product.

As for the smartwatches, during warranty period, the only components covered for manufacturing and material defects are: the display, the touch and the internal electronic components of the same. For models covered by warranty OPSOBJECTS reserves the right to repair them, replace them with the same models or replace them with others of equal or greater value. For jewelry store purchases, in order for the guarantee to be valid, it must be filled out in each of its points and stamped by an authorized OPSOBJECTS retailer. In summary for Watches, Jewelery and Smartwatches, this warranty does not cover the following: damages and/or malfunction resulting from misuse, lack of care, accidents, normal wear and tear or wear from liquid materials (e.g. water), unless there is an indication of water resistance.

WATERPROOF PRODUCTS (Watches and Smartwatches)

For Watches, if there is no “water resistant” sign or water resistance rating (3atm) on the back of the watch case, then the product is not water resistant. Avoid getting the watch wet not to damage the movement. The crown must be pushed all the way in to prevent water from getting into the watch. 3atm water resistant: does not withstand showers and similar things. Excessive contact with water can cause damage to the watch.

As for  the Smartwatches, these are water resistant but are not suitable for diving and water sports, as the seals effectiveness could be compromised. For all models, it is recommended not to press the buttons and not to pull out the crown in direct contact with water.

IMPORTANT: For both Watches and Smartwatches, water penetration and/or damage caused under such circumstances will not be covered by the warranty.


This international guarantee is offered by Opsobjects for a better assistance service for the benefit of the consumer and does not replace nor limit the rights guaranteed by law in compliance with the provisions of Directive 1999/44 / EC, as implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree. 24 of February 2, 2002, on the sale and guarantee of consumer goods. The consumer is therefore free to make use of the legal rights regarding the guarantee or to activate the forms of protection and assistance referred to in this voluntarily presented conventional guarantee. This warranty consists in the repair of products with free replacement of components recognized as faulty in manufacturing or, only if the repair is not considered possible or convenient by Opsobjects, the replacement of the same with identical products or, if this is not possible, having the same or similar technical-functional characteristics of those replaced. Without prejudice to any rights granted to the purchaser by mandatory provisions of law, the following are therefore excluded from the guarantee provided pursuant to this certificate, among other things:

A) defects attributable to the consumer himself and due to methods of use or maintenance or storage that do not comply with the requirements set out in the use and maintenance manual or common sense;

B) normal wear and tear of the product or its parts and components. This warranty is void if the product is repaired by unauthorized personnel or with non-original spare parts or spare parts that do not meet the necessary safety and quality requirements. The occurrence of a malfunction does not lead to an extension of the warranty period beyond the terms indicated in this certificate, which is mandatory. In no case will the product be replaced outside of the hypothesis contemplated in this paragraph.

If the consumer finds a malfunction that occurs in the 24 months following the purchase of the new product, Opsobjects undertakes to ensure the guarantee services.

Once the existence of any malfunction has been verified, the consumer can contact the retailer from whom he purchased Opsobjects, who will take care of delivering the product to the authorized Opsobjects SERVICE CENTER. At the time of the request for intervention, the proof of purchase of the product must be PROVIDED CONTEXTUALLY, which must be no more than 24 months prior to the request for intervention (receipt or tax receipt).

Or the consumer can decide to send the defective watch, jewel and/or smartwatch directly to the authorized Opsobjects SERVICE CENTER, at the address:

Diffusione Orologi srl – Laboratorio Orologiaio srl, Centro Orafo Il Tarì,

81025, Zona ASI Sud – Marcianise (CE), modulo 178. 

Before sending the product, the customer must inform the company by email at, in this way the customer will be guided precisely in the operations to be performed. For any information, it will be possible to contact Opsobjects directly at the e-mail address or by telephone on 0823.513065 every day from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00, or via WhatsApp customer assistance at number 3458009377, from Monday to Friday from 09.15 to 18.00.

This International Guarantee can be registered by completing the form below, which must be sent in a sealed envelope to:

Diffusione Orologi s.r.l. – Opsobjects

Or from the comfort of your home through our website on the Warranty page available in the Support section.



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