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The perfect carnival costumes for her! - 976x800-2402-2

The perfect carnival costumes for her!

“We are almost at the end of the 2020 carnival and you still haven’t found the perfect carnival costume? Do not worry! We have thought of some perfect outfits for you and your friends, to be finished perhaps with an OPS jewel! How about? Are you curious? The most classic carnival costume: the Indian

If, on the other hand, you have chosen to go for the classic also for the carnival costume, we recommend the one as a young Indian. It is a simple costume, which you can recreate at home and above all that you can customize as you like! The elements that must not be missing are obviously the feathers on the head. You can also add some weapons, such as a small bow, a hatchet or a spear. And then space for the imagination for make-up! Make your carnival costume precious with a necklace with numerous charms from the OPS! Precious collection.

Make your carnival costume unique
It’s always nice to customize your look, especially the carnival costume! Making it more similar to your personality, making it reflect you, will make you feel unique and inimitable. You can also do it with our jewels or watches, always in the name of OPS!

Wonder woman: the carnival costume for super girls
If you are super girls, always active and who can do a thousand things for others too, the ideal carnival costume for you is the Wonder Woman one. Tight red bodice, light blue knickers with white stars and the inevitable red cloak up to the feet: this carnival costume is easy to find but also to recreate. And don’t forget the indestructible bracelets and the showy crown or his invincible weapon, the lasso. To complete this super look, why not combine a bracelet from the OPS! Glitter Chain collection with a star pendant: it will make you shine!

Women’s carnival costumes: the scratchy Cat woman
One of the women’s carnival costumes that cannot be missed is that of Batman’s sexy and biting enemy, Catwoman. Over the years there have been many actresses who have played this character, but one has always remained the distinctive feature: the tight-fitting black leather suit that leaves nothing to the imagination. In fact, among the women’s carnival costumes, Catwoman’s is perhaps the simplest to reproduce: you don’t necessarily have to lock yourself up in a black leather suit, but a pair of black skinny pants, preferably velvet, and a pair of black skinny pants will suffice. tight-fitting turtleneck sweater. And then you can indulge yourself on the make-up, playing to recreate the fascinating eyes of a kitten … and don’t forget the tail and ears! Complete your look with this cute bracelet from the OPS! Glitter Fancy collection which, incidentally, has a kitten-shaped pendant!

Group carnival clothes: the Pink Ladies
If, on the other hand, you are looking for ideas for carnival dresses to wear in a group, the Pink Ladies have come straight from the 60s and from the pastel atmosphere of Grease. Pink satin jacket with the characteristic writing on the back, neck scarf and go: here are the rebellious girls with a heart of gold. Also in this case you can play on the make-up that must be showy and dark. To refine your group carnival outfits, why not combine a jewel like this heart pendant necklace from the OPS! Pearl Coin collection?”

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