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Opsobjects, the contemporary style that is shaking up classic jewelry

Opsobjects is a brand of watches and jewelry, made in Italy, whose goal is to surprise and excite with its creations those who love to enhance their look. The collections suggest a fun and original way to live life with enthusiasm every day. With OPS! timeless models abandon traditional conventions and materials, creating a unique mix of style and modernity. The color, the brilliance, the transparency, the soft-touch details of the hi-tech materials meet the classic shapes to give life to jewels that tell an emotion and to watches that give rhythm to the day, revealing a rainbow of feelings. Opsobjects has transformed the meaning and philosophy of the goldsmith’s art, introducing unique materials, shapes and designs.

2011. OPS! FLAT, a symbol of the ’80s generation, redesigned in silicone;

2012. OPS! LOVE, inspired by the iconic bracelet born in the ’50s, revisited in a democratic key, sold for more than a million pieces;

2013. OPS! WATCH, watches with an innovative round polycarbonate case;

2014. OPS! TENNIS, a classic of silicon and crystal jewelry reinterpreted by OPS!

2016. OPS! POSH, another classic watch from the 50s, featuring interchangeable strap, innovative ultra flat design and silicone material;

2017. OPS! NODI, the most recent among the bestsellers, symbol of an indissoluble bond, the knot, which holds together the deepest feelings;

2018. STARLIGHT, transparent vinyl bracelet studded with Swarovski crystals, which immediately becomes a trend!

2019. Sparkle, seductive chokers draw the neck with light while the bracelets evoke the charm of high jewelery tennis. Capsule collection, fun and colorful charms embellish the accessories designed by our Ambassador and famous web star Elisa Maino.

2020. LUXURY and ICON COLLECTION, are a hymn to the beauty and uniqueness of Made in Italy: a message of rebirth to be proudly displayed every day.
Glamorous trends and mystical art, style and traditions that make Italian creativity unique! With the LUXURY OPSOBJECTS collection it celebrates its ten years and with them the famous and iconic LOVE bracelet, in an exclusive reinterpretation that winks at luxury and femininity. With the ICON collection, OPSOBJECTS re-proposes the charm of the chevalier, the ancient seal worn by the nobles and depicting the family coat of arms: the symbols contain a very personal message and are chosen to play with their own style or to tell their emotions.

2021. OPSOBJECTS dresses with new freshness and creativity and give lifeto the 2021 collections. The beauty of Made in Italy manufacturing finds unprecedented expression in jewels that celebrate femininity. The classic of high jewelery is revisited in a modern and colorful key, with a unique preciousness. OPSOBJECTS becomes the protagonist of the current trend also with the creations of OPS! Icon, a collection of chevalier rings animated by the unmistakable twist OPS! The rings are handmade in Italy and pay homage to the jewelery tradition of our country. Each jewel is in 925 silver and features 18-karat gold or rhodium finishes. The watches complete the brand’s message of exclusivity. Brilliant colors, colored crystals and delicate creatures, bearers of good wishes and happy messengers, embellish and animate the dials of the timepieces, becoming their protagonists.

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