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Carnival clothes: some ideas for you! - 976x800-1702-2

Carnival clothes: some ideas for you!

“If you are still undecided about which of the many carnival clothes to wear, we will help you! Here are some ideas for women’s carnival dresses, easy to find or buy, and also some tips to make your look unique: combine one of the watches from the OPS collections!
Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Women’s carnival costumes: the crazy Harley Quinn
Among the most popular women’s carnival costumes of recent years there is certainly her: the crazy Harley Quinn. Brought to the fore by both the huge success of the Suicide Squad film and this year by the film with Margot Robbie, the girlfriend of the famous Joker is one of the easiest women’s carnival costumes to replicate. Whether you choose the red and blue version of the film, or the original red and black version of the DC Comics comics, just tie your hair in two high pigtails and you’re done! To complete your look, what’s better than a watch from the OPS! Timeless Diamonds collection. And don’t forget the famous hammer or baseball bat.

Women’s carnival dress: Alice in Wonderland
Another very cute and also very customizable carnival dress for women is that of Alice in Wonderland. In this case you are spoiled for choice: you can opt for a classic version like that of the Disney cartoon with a wide skirt and white apron, or a darker and more contemporary version like that of Tim Burton’s Alice. The dominant colors remain white and light blue and don’t worry if you are not blonde: the real Alice had dark hair and bangs! To customize your dress, we recommend the right watch from the OPS! Classy collection.

Maleficient: the darkest carnival costume
If you have a dark soul and have always preferred the bad to the good, the most suitable carnival costume for you is certainly the fearsome Maleficient, the witch of Sleeping Beauty. Once you have found the characteristic horns, on the dress you can indulge yourself and decide to make a more classic version with a large black cape or a more modern and sexy version with a cape and skinny pants. In combination with this scary look why not add a watch from the OPS! Bold Animalier collection. The fun part of this carnival costume is definitely the make-up: let’s see how good you are at recreating Angelina Jolie’s “perfidious” make-up in the famous film!

Carnival clothes: the elegant lady of the 1920s
If, on the other hand, you do not want to give up elegance on this occasion too, one of the carnival dresses that is certainly for you is that of the lady of the Roaring Twenties. Short hair (in this case we recommend a wig), black dress with fringes and low-heeled shoes. You can complete your look with a pair of elbow-length gloves and the classic feather on the forehead. As a final touch of elegance you can combine a watch from the OPS! Cute collection. And don’t forget to learn a few steps of Charleston, the famous dance of those years!

A tip: customize your carnival clothes
Before leaving, we want to give you one last tip: always customize your carnival clothes. Try to find a small detail or a color that distinguishes your mask from the others … so you will be able to leave your mark on this occasion too!”

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