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Il colore più amato per gli accessori | Opsobjects - 976x800_rose-gold

The most popular color for accessories

Bring your femininity to life and freshen up your look with our Spring Summer 2021 jewels.
Our rose gold accessories reflect the feminine, elegant and daring soul of today’s women. Women who face everyday life and, despite the difficulties, always walk with their heads held high. Dive into a pink world full of bright and imaginative charms. Discover our LIGHT BOX line of earrings and bracelets with colored stones or our undisputed DISCLOSED steel watch with glitter butterflies and two side openings to indicate hours and minutes that give the accessory a sporty and modern style.

One color and a thousand meanings

Pink, a symbol of hope, is a positive color that has the strength to convey a sense of security and optimism towards the future. According to psychologists, pink is a color capable of appeasing feelings of anger, aggression and a sense of abandonment, leaving room for serenity, solidarity and sensitivity towards others. Only relatively recently, pink has been associated with the female figure in fact historically it was a purely masculine color as a shade of red that is the color associated with strength and power. Incredible how such a great power can be hidden in a simple color. A deep nuance, able to express the sensuality of red and the purity of white, resulting in a pure and altruistic love. In a moment of great difficulty like the present one, what other color can we associate with our soul if not pink?
If you too are full of life, hope, love and trust towards the future, Opsobjects jewels are made especially for you!

A summer in pink with the new Obsobjects line

Our proposals, from necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, make their way among the best trends in Spring Summer fashion for this 2021. A season that marks a new beginning, a new path that will lead us towards a more “rosy” future. With our latest trend accessories you will be able to bring out your personality, elegant or casual, and you will be able to stand out thanks to the simplicity and brilliance of these little treasures with a made in Italy design. Live this new season with enthusiasm and wear Opsobjects accessories enhancing your look and giving love and light to those around you.

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