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Ludovia Pagani is, once again, the face of Opsobjects jewels! - 976x800_ludovica-pagani

Ludovia Pagani is, once again, the face of Opsobjects jewels!

The successful collaboration between Opsobjects and Ludovica Pagani, influencer, speaker, DJ and much more has just been renewed! Ludovica is not only the face and ambassador of the brand and the protagonist of the advertising campaign, but also the muse of the new jewelry collections.

Ludovica interprets OPS! Luxury: jewels that express all the nuances of femininity

Ludovica Pagani is both interpreter and inspirer of the OPS! Luxury collection, with her personality and her being a woman in many different ways, sensual and carefree, romantic, intense. A multifaceted and never banal femininity that takes shape in bright and particular jewels. “With the OPS Luxury collection! it was love at first sight. I have always found myself at ease with these jewels that allow me to be sophisticated or saucy. I find that jewels are a nice way to express themselves, they can talk about me at any time. They are accessories that enhance and light up the look of light. I am happy to continue working with OPSOBJECTS, after the experience of last year, we have become even more close “said Ludovica.

Spring / summer OPS! Collection, made in Italy beauty and desire for lightness

Ludovica has a natural beauty that enhances the jewels of the Opsobjects spring collection even more. With the arrival of the summer OPS! he wanted to celebrate the rebirth and the desire for lightness and carefree. A new freedom that is also expressed in the style and in the creation of jewels for her to wear as you want, with a fresh, fun and glamorous style. The same atmosphere can be felt in all the images of the new campaign in which Ludovica Pagani best expresses this mood, wearing Opsobjects jewels in a versatile and personal way.

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