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The double strand necklace: this year's must-have jewel - ops

The double strand necklace: this year’s must-have jewel

Summer means color, extravagance, naturalness and the desire to feel unique. It is an opportunity to ignite the imagination, create combinations and dare with the neglected colors during the winter.

Summer means above all neckline and it recalls the jewel or, in this case, “the jewels”. Yes, because the must-have jewel of this summer is the double strand necklace.

A unique and customizable accessory that will unleash your creativity and imagination.

The OPSOBJECT necklace collection will allow you to choose from vast categories of materials such as gold, silver and rose gold. You can combine different lengths, different chains, many colors and pendants of all kinds.

With our double strand necklaces we offer you a fresh and natural style, perfect for any occasion. Discover the TROPICAL line and wear the most beloved symbols of the sea, or let yourself be overwhelmed by the romanticism of the SECRET LOVE line.

Summer 2021 jewels have a name: Jewelry Layering trend
The double strand necklace: this year's must-have jewel - collana

This year’s must-have jewel has a name and is LAYERING, or stratify. It is a real art that has now become a trend. But what does layering have in common with jewels?

It is called Jewelry Layering trend and it means overlapping several necklaces of different lengths.

Double strand necklaces are now part of the summer 2021 trend: a trend that offers us the opportunity to play and combine different materials, lengths and colors to create a mix of jewels in line with our style and personality.

Space for creativity

Here, fashion proves to be, once again, a step forward and perceives the sensations and needs that are hidden in the soul of women. There is no more room for monotony, simplicity and adaptation.

So what does fashion do? Create a space for personal creativity. It leaves women the opportunity to make their own jewelry allowing them to combine multiple necklaces of different shapes and lengths, of different styles, materials and colors.

A summer entirely customizable with OPSOBJECTS jewels
The double strand necklace: this year's must-have jewel - mare

Be inspired by our proposals for double strand necklaces in gold and silver. A made in Italy design that will allow you to enhance your look and be perfect for any occasion. Thanks to our wide range of accessories you can free your imagination, follow your style and your passions.

Enter the world of OPSOBJECTS and find your favorite accessory for this summer.

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