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Tell me what kind of bracelet you're wearing and I'll tell you who you are! - bracciali-2

Tell me what kind of bracelet you’re wearing and I’ll tell you who you are!

“Tell me what bracelet you wear and I’ll tell you who you are

Choosing a women’s bracelet is not easy, there are many factors to consider: the occasion, the outfit, the style of the wearer.
To make it easier for you to choose the perfect bracelet for your special moments, we at Ops! we give you some little advice:

Tennis bracelet
Among the most elegant models, there is certainly the tennis bracelet: a versatile jewel, to be worn both during the day and in the evening. Made with small diamonds, crystals or zircons set next to each other, this model gives light to the whole outfit and also enhances less thin wrists.
This model is inspired by the collection of OPS! SPARKLE bracelets in shades of silver or rose gold, embellished with lots of bright crystals and the iconic Opsobjects heart.

Twist bracelet
Among the novelties of Opsobjects, the twist model of the OPS! CHIC collection is the bracelet suitable for all and for all occasions! Twisted silicone and steel, in shades of silver and rose gold, a mix of materials for a jewel with a sparkling and elegant design at the same time.

Milan or mesh bracelet
Mesh bracelets are also one of the women’s jewelry trends this year, ideal for enhancing any look, even the most casual and sporty, they can be customized with charms and pendants. With the OPS! MESH, for example, you can choose the combination of loop charms that best suits your style!

Cuff bracelet
This wide-band bracelet model, also called a manchette, highlights the forearm, which is why it is particularly suitable for thin arms and wrists.
Less suitable for elegant events, unless it is made of precious materials.
The OPS! STARLIGHT women’s bracelet with polyurethane bands with certified Swarovski crystals is perfect for an aperitif.

Bracelet with charms
The bracelet with charms is definitely among the bracelet trends of the moment! It is a purely daytime jewel, its being elegant but at the same time sporty, in fact, is not very suitable for elegant events. Therefore, in the choice of bracelets, and for all jewels in general, what matters is to wear something that reflects your style and enhances your strengths!”

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