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Milan Fashion Week: fall/winter 2019-2020 - blog-ops-fashion-week-1-2

Milan Fashion Week: fall/winter 2019-2020

Milan Fashion Week has officially begun and until 25 February the Lombard capital will be the stage for about 60 fashion shows, 173 collections and 33 events.

This week the catwalks will mark the direction and trends of the new fall winter 2019/2020 fashion collections, among the big brands news and confirmations are expected, including great debuts and not exactly muted returns.

Milan, therefore, in these days will be invaded by models and it girls, intent on juggling fashion shows and events.

In order not to be caught unprepared and out of context, here are Opsobjects tips for a Milan Fashion Week look!

Milan Fashion Week 2019: what to wear

The past New York Fashion Week has already given us a taste of the street style trends to wear this winter 2019

Natural colors

Warm nuances to mix with each other or to combine with animal prints and patterns: space for all shades of beige and brown, natural shades that recall autumn and winter colors.

Give a touch of light to your look with the jewels of the OPS! GLITTER FANCY collection: necklaces, bracelets and earrings in gold tones embellished with small glitter pendants


Not only coats, but also blazers, dresses and shoes, tartan is the most in vogue among the 2019 fashion trends.

In addition to tartan, also checked patterns and textures have characterized the collections of the major fashion brands, with mixes and combinations that give this classic style new life and originality.

The pouch

It is now established: the pouch is the new trendy bag! To be worn over the coat or tied at the waist like a belt, in its luxury and ultra-thin version in leather or in the maxi format to use as a bag.

Milan Fashion Week 2019: which events to participate in

Although most of the fashion shows are reserved for insiders or a small circle of lucky reporters, there are many fashion events open to the public.

Here are the main ones:  Fashion Hub Market: 12 Italian and international designers will present their collections, supported by the National Chamber of Fashion.

Artistar Jewels Exibition: international event dedicated to jewels, inserted in an experiential path divided according to the themes of avant-garde, innovation, precious and recycling.

Le Tipe Umane: the creative director of Tod’s man, Andrea Incontri, presents the digital drawings he made that show his personal vision of women.

The show must go on

A few hours after the start of the Milan fashion week calendar, the French e-zine “Closer” reports that the fashion emperor, Karl Lagerfeld, has passed away in Paris.

Stylist, photographer and designer, creative director of Fendi and Chanel and patron of the brand that bears his name, he has collaborated with several fashion houses.

Icon of the fashion world, also famous for his clothing and black glasses, Lagerfeld leaves an unbridgeable void in the world of fashion.

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