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Bon ton for jewels: the rules to follow - bonton-2

Bon ton for jewels: the rules to follow

“Bon ton jewels: the rules to be respected

If choosing a jewel is simple, it may not be as easy to wear it in the right way!
In fact, if worn incorrectly, a jewel has the power to compromise the overall result of the look, if not even risk a real fall in style!

To always choose the right jewel, just follow a few fundamental rules that we at Opsobjects have decided to propose again in this article so that you can always be at the top!

Bon ton jewelry: better not to overdo it
The fundamental rule is never to overdo the accessories, never lose sight of sobriety.
The etiquette recommends wearing a maximum of three jewels together: yes, therefore, to a jewelery set consisting of earrings, necklace and ring but no more!
Also for rings the rule of three applies: according to the bon ton in fact wearing more than three rings is not appropriate.

Bon ton jewelry: what to wear at work
The workplace is certainly a formal place for this reason jewelry should always be worn that does not attract too much attention.
Perfect for the workplace, OPS! PRETTY watches are elegant but minimal, the glittery details then give a touch of light to your formal look.

Bon ton jewelry: when not to wear them
According to jewelry etiquette there are some occasions when it is not appropriate to wear jewelry. At a funeral, for example, it is not recommended to wear both garments and flashy jewels, while jewels should be given up even while doing sports.

Bon ton jewels: when not to give them away
Among the jewels there are some that must not be given as gifts, because they are bearers of misfortunes and negative omens. Therefore, never giving a brooch as a gift could sting those who receive it, as well as pearls considered since ancient times tears of angels and therefore bearers of misfortune and pain.

The etiquette of men’s jewelry
The bon ton of jewels also includes rules for him. A man should never wear more than a watch and a wedding band, with the exception of cufflinks.
Necklaces and bracelets are not completely banned, as long as they are not too flashy and are worn only with looks and on casual occasions.”

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