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Summer make-up: pastel tones - blog-roma-2-2

Summer make-up: pastel tones

Light shades, pastel shades and natural shades. These are the 2018 summer make-up trends. From eye shadows to lipsticks, let’s see how to use them, what to avoid and how to combine them to complete the look.

Pastel color eyeshadows

Pastel shades are perfect for both lighter and darker complexions. They do not weigh down the gaze but enhance it by illuminating it.

How to use them

Pastel color eyeshadows do not follow different application rules from other eyeshadows. You can use them in “color block” for a more captivating and strong rendering, where important portions of the eyelid are colored in a full and clean way or, to obtain a more natural look, you can blend them to obtain the degree of intensity of color that best suits you makes you feel comfortable.

What to avoid

Avoid choosing colors similar to the color of your eyes. To enhance green eyes, choose colors that contain red.

If, on the other hand, you have dark eyes, it is better to avoid shades of blue, choose warm colors during the day and cold colors for your evenings.

How to combine them

Once you have chosen your make-up, you just have to choose the jewels to match to complete your look. You can find your way around the OPS! ROMA collection, silicone bracelets in different pastel colors embellished with silver-colored metal links and crystals. A touch of personality and style that will make you appear neat and attentive to details while maintaining simplicity and elegance.

Pastel color lipsticks

Also for lipsticks is pastel mania: pink is the real protagonist of this summer even if nude lipstick and all matt shades continue to be popular.

How to use them

Choose long-lasting lipsticks so that the heat of summer does not make the color fade quickly. You can help define the lip contour with a stiff pencil of the same color shade or, if soft, a tone darker than the color of the chosen lipstick.

How to combine them

Choose OPS! NODI BANGLE to give the final touch to your look. The combination of silicone with the brightness of metal gives the collection an unprecedented preciousness, enriched by a heart-shaped pendant that gives the collection a glamorous look. Available in different pastel color variants, indulge yourself by combining them with your make-up.

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