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Sunglasses: how to choose the perfect ones for you! - occhiali-1-2

Sunglasses: how to choose the perfect ones for you!

“How do these fit me?
Maybe the smaller ones suit my face shape better …
Wow, these sunglasses look like they were designed for me!

How many times have we repeated such phrases in front of the mirror before deciding which sunglasses to buy?
Sunglasses are one of the most difficult accessories to choose because they must adapt to the features of our face, they are worn all year round even if they become absolute protagonists during the summer.

How to choose the ideal sunglasses?
It certainly starts from the shape of the face: oval, square, rounded, triangular or elongated.

For each of these face shapes, the perfect sunglasses really exist!

This is one of the most regular and proportioned face shapes, so it is also the easiest to enhance with different sunglasses. The forehead is usually slightly wider than the cheekbones and the chin slightly narrower. With this face shape you will look great with rounded or slightly boxy sunglasses like the OPS! Greta round model. You will only have to pay attention to the size: choose a large frame on a large face, on a more delicate and small face simpler and more linear glasses are preferred.

Wide forehead and pronounced cheekbones. The frames to avoid for the square face shape are absolutely geometric ones that would highlight too much cheekbones and pronounced features.
We will go to prefer eyewear that contrasts the angles of the face with sweet and rounded shapes, perhaps embellished with unique details that attract attention. Cat-eye frames, for example, create a pleasant harmonic balance. Among the Opsobjects proposals you could choose the Ops! Greta Butterfly line: a cat-eye model with a retro style whose polycarbonate frame is available in different colors. Beautiful in both summer and winter.

This face shape has a soft and generally little elongated outline. The cheeks are rounded and it is therefore very important to prefer not too high sunglasses with thin frames. For the face with rounded features, the most square sunglasses are perfect with details that bring attention to the corners of the face, exactly at the height of the cheekbone / temple.

This face shape is very distinctive: the temples and cheekbones are aligned, the cheeks are thin and the chin tends to be pointed.
How to choose the perfect sunglasses for this face? Look for large or rounded models like the Ops! Greta Round: round, cut at the base and with a double bridge, characterized by a front and thin temples.

For the face with an elongated and thin shape, we say no to band frames, but green light instead to tall glasses that vertically fill the face together with rounded frames that soften the long features.”

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