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Rings: how to choose the one for you - anelli-2

Rings: how to choose the one for you

“The ring is the oldest among female accessories, its origins in fact date back to the era of the Egyptian pharaohs. An accessory now also worn by men, the ring takes on multiple meanings: it can be the symbol of a promise or a statement or, more simply, it can enrich the day or evening look.

How to choose the perfect ring for you?
The choice of a women’s ring depends on many factors, such as age and fashion trends, but above all on your tastes and the occasion in which you want to show off the new jewel. We at Ops! we have thought of giving you some useful advice for choosing the perfect ring.

Silver ring
The silver-colored ring is an evergreen, especially for very young girls and for those who love simple jewelry. The silver ring is a versatile accessory, it adapts perfectly to a casual and informal style but can also be worn on the occasion of a more elegant event, in this case choose a model with a particular workmanship.

Gold ring
The gold-colored ring is certainly one of the most used types of ring on important occasions. The yellow gold ring is the symbol of marriage par excellence, while for engagement and other important occasions, such as silver weddings, it is customary to wear white gold. Wear yellow or white gold colored rings for your more formal and elegant occasions. For those who do not want to give up a touch of originality, OPS! GLITTER by Opsobjects is the solution: a combination of two rings, one silver and one gold, the latter embellished with microcrystals, suitable for any occasion since the simple style of the silver attenuates the important presence of the gold-colored model. Rose gold colored rings

The rose gold ring is among the trends of recent years, elegant and sophisticated, it is able to enhance a simple and sober look and complete the most elegant outfits.

Silicone ring
Not just gold or silver rings. With this accessory you can dare and play without limits. One of the most popular and versatile collections of Opsobjects, OPS! DIAMONDS is the silicone ring available in many colors, ideal for more informal situations, embellished with a pavé of transparent crystals, to show off both day and night.

Women’s ring: size guide
How to choose the right ring size?
One of the safest ways to choose the right ring size is to go to a jeweler and have the finger measured on which you want to wear the ring with professional tools.
Or you can do it at home, measuring the circumference of your finger with a tape measure.
To make this task even easier for you, we at Opsobjects have prepared a printable and easy-to-use ring size guide for you!”

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