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Oooops... I smell a rat! - Articolo-blog-2

Oooops… I smell a rat!

“On February 17th we will celebrate the day dedicated to our beloved felines: the National Cat Day!
Among four-legged friends, the cat is certainly the most loved one, just think that for at least 9,500 years it has been the most widespread pet in the world and that Italians host about seven and a half million of them in their homes.

But how did he become a pet? How many days are there dedicated to the cat and how did it spread in pop culture and fashion?

Here are all the answers to your questions!

The domestic cat
Thanks to an archaeological find in a burial in Cyprus in 2004, it seems that the relationship between humans and felines began about 7000 years ago, even if their coexistence began with the first permanent settlements in which man was dedicated to agriculture and needed to keep mice away from grain stocks.

The recurrence
The recurrences dedicated to these refined felines are many:

in Italy, since 1990, the National Cat Day is celebrated on 17 February, a symbolic day with which an attempt was made to dispel the myth of bad luck that is linked to the history of cats. The month of February, on the other hand, was chosen for the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the sign of free and independent spirits, like cats.
On 8 August, on the other hand, International Cat Day is celebrated, established in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, a non-profit organization that protects animals and their habitats.
There is even a holiday for black cats: Black Cat Day, which is celebrated on November 17th!
The cat in fashion
Zebra, python, brindle, spotted, the animalier invaded the catwalks of last season and continues to be the spring summer 2019 trend.
Not only animal mood patterns but also eclectic motifs inspired by cats: from scarves to dresses, from clutches to jewels, all fashion, from low-cost brands to haute couture brands, make room for the pet, emblem par excellence of elegance.
Accessories and jewelry go hand in hand with fashion, and petsmania explodes!
Dogs and cats, man’s best friends, are made fashionable in the form of unique and precious creations that show a strong identity and a deep narrative spirit, expressing feelings of love, luck, friendship and freedom.
Always take your four-legged friends with you with the jewels from the Ops! Glitter Fancy and Ops! Mesh collection by Opsobjects.
A perfect gift idea for you and your friends who love these small and beautiful animals!”

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