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Gossip under the umbrella: which are the most talked couples of summer 2020? - 976x800-GOSSIP-2

Gossip under the umbrella: which are the most talked couples of summer 2020?

“Summer is the time for relaxation and holidays, for swimming and sunbathing, but it is also the time most loved by Italians to devote themselves to lighter and, why not, a little frivolous pastimes!
According to a recent survey, in fact, if under the umbrella 46% of men are mainly interested in football, as many as 66% of women are dedicated to reading tabloid magazines and magazines, to always stay up-to-date on summer gossip!

So what will be the news and the most talked about characters of summer 2020?

Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale
It is perhaps the most talked about gossip of the summer of 2020, according to indiscreet sources in fact Francesca Pascale, who recently separated from Silvio Berlusconi, would have ended up in the arms of the Roman singer-songwriter Paola Turci. The couple would have been photographed in Cilento where they would have spent the holidays together.
News that has made the rounds of the web but has not yet been confirmed or denied by either of the two who for the moment do not seem to have any intention of making statements.

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano de Martino
They met in 2012 behind the scenes of Amici 11, got married in 2013 (the year in which little Santiago was born) and divorced in 2015 and then returned together in the spring of 2019, Belen Rodriguez and Stefano di Martino would have said goodbye again last June. And if on the one hand someone insinuates that Alessia Marcuzzi has a hand in the breakup, on the other the two are on vacation in the same places, first Capri then Ibiza. Is there a new reconciliation in the air?

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper
Instead, the photos of Jennifer Garner on the beach of Malibu arrive from overseas, intent on building sand castles together with Bradley Cooper and little Lea De Seine, the four-year-old girl he had with the model Irina Shayk. The two actors are linked by a twenty-year friendship, but will the spark be triggered?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
For a long time now, Kanye West has been in the crosshairs of gossip, due to his shocking statements and his decidedly over the top tweets. Kim Kardashian herself recently declared that her husband suffers from a severe form of bipolarism, could it be for this reason that the couple, who married in 2014, have been living apart for months and that according to sources close to the two stars, they are considering a divorce?”

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