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Summer loves: what's your summer crush? - 976x800-amori-estivi-2

Summer loves: what’s your summer crush?

“Who among us has never had a summer crush? Summer loves are known to be fleeting, they last the time of a season but still give us the illusion of an eternal dream and total involvement. They make us experience unrepeatable emotions, they free us from the routine and oppressions of every day and, however they turn out, they always leave us a good memory.

The lifeguard
It is summer love par excellence, it will be the biceps on display or the flawless tan, all of us at least once in our life have lost our minds for the lifeguard!
Courted by practically everyone, you will soon discover that the attention he dedicates to you is to be shared with all the customers of the beach! Don’t take it, it’s just a summer infatuation, it will pass!

The neighbor with an umbrella
As soon as you arrive at the beach, do you wonder who your attractive neighbor on the beach umbrella is? Simple! it’s Marco, the one you have snubbed for years and who now, thanks to the gym and a fixed look, is irresistible! you will have to try to make up for lost time, but be careful you will not be the only one to have spotted it!

The romantic story
He made your heart beat from the first moment you saw him, being with him makes you feel alive and no moment is as romantic and passionate as those lived with him. Enjoy the here and now, it will be a beautiful memory that you will carry with you forever!

The friend of
Arrived in your company because he is a friend of, you spend the whole summer throwing glances and digs at you without concluding anything! it is the emblem of poignant and romantic love, idealized but never realized. What are you waiting for to throw yourself?

The animator
Also in this case, the perennial tan makes us lose our minds, but on the other hand it is also nice, how can you resist it? You meet him everywhere, he is the idol of the beach that no one can say no to, impossible to resist temptation.
Forget to see him again after the summer, the entertainer is known to last the time of a vacation!”

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