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Back to real life: how to fight nostalgia with 5 moves! - 976x800-backtorallifw-2

Back to real life: how to fight nostalgia with 5 moves!

“Apathy, tiredness and bad mood: if you feel like this, well then you too are prey to the trauma of returning from vacation!
Returning to the everyday routine after a week or more at the seaside, in the mountains or in one of the beautiful Italian villages is hard, that’s why we have prepared for you 5 tips to follow to face the return in the best possible way.

Fight a bad mood with sport
Physical activity is the best remedy for apathy and mood swings, half an hour of cardio, for example, produces a quantity of endorphins that can give us a feeling of pleasure, gratification and happiness, helping us to better tolerate stress.

Plan another vacation right away
Just like the aforementioned nail crushing nail, there is no better way to pass the holiday sickness than by organizing another one right away! Just the prospect of a weekend away will help to cope better with returning to the office and into the daily routine.

Change of look after the holiday
What if the return from vacation was a good excuse for a change of look? A new haircut, or a new style of clothing can be the ideal boost to go back to the office with the right boost!

Surround yourself with friends
Often summer and holidays outside can make us lose sight of friendships, what better time than returning to organize a dinner or an aperitif with your closest friends? You can tell him about the wonderful places you have visited or the fun activities done during the summer.

Resume your hobbies
If you have passions or hobbies, picking up where you left off can be very useful for combating apathy when you come back. Keeping yourself busy and practicing, especially if it is a manual pastime, will make you feel satisfied, peaceful and happy!”

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