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A return to the truest and most romantic emotions in the new OPSOBJECTS SPRING SUMMER campaign A vaguely retro atmosphere and the fresh and light romanticism of a woman who re-reads a love letter, written in her own hand and signed with her kiss. Or dreamily look at a map imagining an exotic escape. Or, again, it seems to whisper sweet phrases of love on the phone. These are some of the different subjects that make up the new “Back to Emotion” campaign by OPSOBJECTS, the jewelry and watch brand that loves to surprise every season with new stories, all united by sweet, carefree atmospheres, suspended between dream and reality. The daily gestures of a handwritten letter, a phone call from a landline or the observation of a geographical map, until just a few years ago would not have intrigued. Today, however, through the eye of OPSOBJECTS they appear poetic and, at times, nostalgic.

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