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OPS!OBJECTS launches the #Springtime campaign and gives us a picture of contemporaneity:

time 2.0 is the protagonist of a mix of reality and digital experiences

OPS!OBJECTS launches the new #Springtime campaign and gives us a detailed picture of contemporaneity. Everyday life is becoming more and more complex, online reality is completed by off-line reality and vice versa; individuals, and in particular millennials, show an increasingly strong, cosmopolitan, intercultural identity.

With an immediate and spontaneous language, OPS!OBJECTS, with its new campaign, recreates a brunch with friends, where conviviality is the absolute protagonist and sharing reaches its maximum expression: young people, selected among the most popular bloggers and influencers of the network, have fun telling stories, exchanging jokes, taking selfies and posting images on Instagram.

The protagonists spend their free time with their friends and share the most fun and exciting moments on the net, with glamorous images. Reality blends with the virtual experience to become integral parts of the same moment: the boundaries between on-line and off-line reality become more and more precarious until they disappear. This dimension defines time 2.0 which, through digital stories and experiences, reveals the way of life of young generations. This is the cheerful atmosphere that characterises the #Springtime campaign by OPS!OBJECTS.

These behaviours are analysed by research on new digital trends conducted by Wgsn: “2,34 billion people (32% of the global population) regularly use social media, thus creating a new cultural crossing beyond geographic boundaries. People feel more and more multi-local, and shape their identity to connect places, experiences and cultures ”.

Digital experience becomes a way of thinking and being that permeates every day of life, including leisure and working time, social relationships and domestic tranquillity, the time of knowledge and that of shopping. In this regard, Wgsn confirms that “in 2017 online purchases will grow by 15.5% and this is due to the fact that both the quality of life and connection improved in some regions of the world. Many new users (1.7 billion) will make their first online purchase in 2017 and over 2 billion people will experience e-commerce in 2019”.

OPS!OBJECTS seeks to interpret this contemporary experience with its new #Springtime campaign, where the protagonist is the influence of the digital logic, which marks time, defines relationships of friendship, and affirm its personality, with the help of new technologies to capture the images of the campaign and shoot the video that will be launched on the web.

Physical space becomes digital and real-time meets the virtual world. In a world of contamination, next to jewellery collections, OPS!OBJECTS focuses on watches, an unmistakable symbol of time. The protagonists of the campaign, in fact, wear some of the most successful brand lines, characterised by bright colours or pastel shades, matched with OPS!POS and OPS!BON BON CRYSTAL watches.

OPS!OBJECTS watches are interpreted in the #Springtime mood by bloggers and influencers such as Haiyan in digital, Andrea Faccio, Erika Barbato, Lisa Di Maria, Mario Perillo, Alessia Sica, Letizia Patta, Angelica D’Amore, Stefania Bravi, Manuel Otgianu.

OPS!OBJECTS speaks to young people through young people, reveals the latest trends with cool tools and a modern language. That is why we chose real testimonials who live the dynamics of contemporaneity and share their style choices with brand enthusiasts. So, in addition to the influencers involved in the #Springtime campaign, OPS!OBJECTS choose Fedez as the testimonial for its institutional campaigns. The popular rapper and X-Factor judge, indeed, interprets OPS!OBJECTS collections revealing its irreverent, glamorous and innovative spirit.

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