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OPS! What a story!

“Ops! Objects is a young brand, born in 2011, but in its short existence it has had the opportunity to make its voice heard, renewing both the watch and jewelry market. With its colorful and youthful charge it entered the scene with energy, proposing new, different products that immediately conquered the younger audience. But let’s see what the evolution of Ops! Objects has been. The innovation of the materials of OPS watches
Already since their appearance on the market in 2011, OPS watches stand out: they resume the cult models of the 80’s watches but made with a new, colorful and practical material, silicone. The first collection, OPS! Flat, goes precisely in this direction and strikes the imagination of the youngest. Finally a practical watch, which can be worn every day, resistant and unisex. The model was available in a thousand colors and at an affordable price: impossible not to stock up on OPS watches! to combine them with many different looks. Later the same concept will also be carried over to the world of jewelry, giving life to the OPS! Love collection.
OPS! A touch of color
Even in the first OPS! , released the following year, there is no shortage of new colors and materials: the colorful silicone chain bracelets from the OPS! Love collection are popular among the youngest. From the first single-color bracelets we move on to those with polka dots and then to necklaces and earrings. Also in this case the low price pushes to buy various to wear according to the occasions and colors. The OPS! Pop collection is very captivating and also winks at a more adult target, which incorporates pop art designs and icons in the pendant of the bracelet.

Reinventing a myth: OPS! Posh watches
In its production OPS! Objects has always combined the innovation of materials with the revival of classic and successful models. This is also what happens in the OPS! Posh collection where the classic watch from the 1950s with its round shape and clear numerals embraces unusual materials such as silicone, thus becoming a watch more suitable for young people and for all situations. Metal models will also be produced from this collection, more similar to the original and designed to finish more elegant and professional looks.

The thousand meanings of OPS! Objects jewels
Also in the jewelry collections OPS! Objects alternates research on materials with the design of objects that also have a relational meaning. This is what happens with the OPS! Nodi collection, released in 2017, which contains jewels finished with silicone knots, designed to be given to people with whom we want to bond or with whom we are already connected. On this occasion OPS! Objects, always in line with the new trends, experiments for the first time with the fine and rigid bracelet, very popular in recent years. The search for materials can be seen instead in the OPS! Starlight collection of the following year: bracelets in transparent vinyl, studded with Swarovski crystals. We finish this excursus on jewels with the 2019 collection, OPS! Sparkle which, as the name suggests, aims at brilliance: simple shapes, classic materials and lots of light distinguish these jewels.

And the future of OPS?
What will OPS! Objects have in store for the future? We will find out with the presentation of the 2020 collection, which will surely not leave disappointed. Will it focus on even more innovative materials or on the reinterpretation of classic models? Posterity will judge.

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