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World Smile Day

“As every year for the past twenty years, World Smile Day will be celebrated on 4 October, the International Day of Smiles.

Here are some curiosities about this day

The first World Smile Day
It was 1963 and the designer Harvey Ball of Massachusetts created what would become famous and recognized all over the world as the “”smile””, the smiley face.
Not only that, driven by the celebrity acquired by the smile that knew no territorial, cultural and political limits, he decided to establish the First Smile Day in 1999, an anniversary to be celebrated every first Friday in October.
With the slogan of “do an act of kindness, help a person smile”, World Smile Day has become an internationally celebrated event, with events, meetings and activities organized all over the world.

World Smile Day: the importance of a smile
Harvey Ball was convinced that the “”smile”” was the symbol of positive feelings, the smile was and is one of the simplest acts of kindness, able to change the day of those who receive it.
In fact, recent medical studies have shown that laughing and smiling not only release tension and daily stress, but also contribute positively to heart health. In fact, Smile Therapy and Clown Therapy are increasingly widespread in hospitals, especially among children.

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