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OPSOBJECTS presents new adv campaign: My Pastel Life - adv-976x800-newadv-5

OPSOBJECTS presents new adv campaign: My Pastel Life

“My pastel life

a return to the origins of the brand, told by the new accessories

that mix pop quotes and glam design

OPSOBJECTS, the fashion jewelery brand designed in Italy, continues to focus on color, returning to the origins that have made the brand a success story. The positive vibes of the 80s, softened by pastel colors with a contemporary new romantic style, become the inspiration for her new collections of jewelry and watches presented in the creativity of the new social campaign.

Aqua green, peach pink, fuchsia and pantone shades are combined with precious metallic details in silver, gold or rosé and light up with glamorous gleams. The OPSOBJECTS style plays on the color block that is renewed in sugary shades. Sweetness and design tell the story of the new collections.

The protagonists of the campaign are the Wonder bracelets and earrings that combine sparkling glows and colored silicone details, the Joy bracelets that quote the 80s and are worn one after the other in free compositions, the Timeless Paint watches that interpret the timeless theme of lines.

Among the timepieces, also the Posh Glitter proposals with a fully glittered dial or strap. The all-over sparkles also define the star that decorates the perfectly round dial of the retro-inspired Light Charm watches and the My Glitter bracelets and necklaces: delicate sparkling charms can be found in the letters of the alphabet to pay homage to your name or suggest love for a special person.

The fashion trends, on the other hand, inspire the tone-on-tone spotted dials of the Bold Animalier watches, the embossed heart compositions of the Bold Lovely models, the rock-chic inspired mini-stud bezel of the Glam Studs timepieces and the iridescent straps of Bold Rainbow .

There is no shortage of hoop earrings and jewels from the Twice line that plays on the alternation between gold and black, the delicate Lovefool proposals that transmit a message of love on bracelets and necklaces, the iconic shapes of the star or heart of the Clip earrings.

The campaign interprets contemporary style by focusing on colors, in a crescendo of tone-on-tone combinations that define the set, clothing and make-up to enhance the beauty of the colors chosen by OPSOBJECTS for its collections.”

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