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What to pack for summer: 4 things to not forget! - blog-occhiali-1-2

What to pack for summer: 4 things to not forget!

Summer has arrived and we are finally talking about “”holidays””: where to go, when to leave, what to pack and how to organize the trip.
Whether it’s a topic of conversation during a dinner with friends or a coffee break in the office, from June to September, the theme of holidays animates even the laziest travelers.
From the organized trip, planned in every detail to the one-way trip, there is only one question that unites all types of travelers, and that is: what to pack?
To travel light, but without giving up on being fashion, here is a small guide for summer 2018:

# 1 Travel bag
First thing to choose: the travel bag. From the sporty backpack if your vacation will be full of adventure and frequent travel, to the more or less large rigid suitcase depending on how long your vacation will be. If you opt for this second option and you will have to travel by plane, pay attention to the measures allowed for hand luggage, by the different airlines. Here you will find an interesting guide on the subject.

# 2 Swimsuit
An undisputed must have for her, this summer the one-piece swimsuit cannot be missing in your suitcase.
Perfect in combination with a Starlight bracelet a transparent vinyl band studded with Swarovski crystals. The trendy bracelet of summer 2018!

# 3 Hot pants
They take up very little space and are suitable for any occasion: both on the beach during the day and in the evening combined with a maxi shirt. To complete your look, choose a necklace with a luminous pendant, among the various proposals of the OPS! Shiny collection
Hot pants are also perfect in the city: comfortable, practical and fresh. Absolutely a must have!

# 4 Glasses
Among the essential summer accessories: sunglasses, which complete the look as well as protect our eyes from UV rays – here an in-depth article on risks and how to prevent them – give personality to our style. Among the proposals suggested by Opsobjects you can choose from the cat-eye eyewear adored by the great divas of all time for its slightly elongated shape that gives great femininity to the round, mirrored and colored ones for the most unconventional.”

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