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OPSOBJECTS surprises, inspires and creates - blog-love1-2

OPSOBJECTS surprises, inspires and creates

“The history of Opsobjects, a brand even better known as OPS !, begins in 2011 with the eruption of a new vision of the classic jewelry market. OPS! offers accessories and jewels with a made in Italy design, for those who love to enhance their look with enthusiasm in everyday life.
Fun, original and colorful collections make room in tradition to create a unique mix of style and contemporaneity.
The color, the brilliance, the transparency, the soft-touch details of the hi-tech materials that meet the classic shapes, give life to jewels that tell an emotion and to watches that give rhythm to the day.

Opsobjects has always differentiated itself in the jewelery sector with innovative proposals giving life to a new interpretation of the archetypes of classic jewelry.

Best seller
Opsobjects jewels are born within a community of innovative ideas, an experiential place where creativity, design and research come together in unconventional products. This is how the most representative collections of the brand were born, which in a short time have conquered all the fans of the fashion world.
2011. Ops! Flat, a watch symbol of the 1980s generation re-engineered in silicone

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