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Swimwear for a summer 2020 at the top - 976x800-costumeops-2

Swimwear for a summer 2020 at the top

“We were no longer hoping for it and instead it has finally arrived: the long-awaited summer 2020! And with it, the sea, the sun and the beach! The holidays are upon us and we cannot be caught unprepared! So here are the swimwear for summer 2020! And don’t forget the OPS touch!

Costume fashion 2020: the elegant black one-piece swimsuit
A classic that never goes out of fashion and that returns on time every summer: the black one-piece swimsuit. Symbol of elegance and class, it has been crowding our beaches for years now, worn by both teenagers and more mature women. With deep neckline or not, with wide leg or not, with laces or without: the models are endless but the effect remains the same. This summer you can brighten up your elegant look with a bracelet from the OPS! Tropical collection like this one, a large straw hat maybe white and off you go to conquer the beaches!

Fantasy in power among 2020 swimwear: the Vichi checks
If your goal for this summer 2020 is to attract attention, then the patterned swimwear is for you! This year the one that is the most popular seems to be the Vichi checkered pattern, classic and reminiscent of the world of childhood. You can find it in many colors and for all tastes! And to stay on naive and childish atmospheres, here is the right watch, the one from the new OPS! Funny Mix collection. Have fun looking for the color that best suits your fancy costume!

In summer 2020 the bandeau bikini is renewed
Another model that has become a classic of our summers is the bandeau bikini. A model that is certainly sensual and perfect for not having tan lines on the shoulders. However, for some it can be uncomfortable because it moves easily and can show what it shouldn’t show. This will not be the case this year! In fact, among the flagship swimsuit models for summer 2020 there is the bandeau one with shoulder straps: a sportier but also more comfortable shape for swimming and moving freely! And to complete your sporty but refined look you could combine these earrings from the OPS! Star collection, what do you think?

Animal prints for a rebellious summer 2020
If, on the other hand, you plan to spend a slightly wild and rebellious summer 2020, the animalier fantasy is for you! Whether it’s bikini or one piece, brindle, zebra or leopard, the animalier always has its charm and certainly attracts many glances. And why not include accessories in this animal look too? So here is the watch from the OPS! Bold collection in an animalier version. Now you have everything you need to go and conquer your prey!

Pastel colors for a summer 2020 dedicated to relaxation
For girls with a calmer soul and who want to spend the summer in total relaxation, here are the swimsuits in pastel colors. Relaxing, soft shades, to enjoy rest after a year of study or work. Yellow, powder blue, antique pink, many shades await you for a summer 2020 of relaxation. And in order not to spoil the atmosphere, why not combine a watch from the OPS! Fair collection like this one?
After a complicated and difficult winter like the one we went through, we really deserve a summer with all the trimmings! And we all hope it is, always in compliance with the anti-Covid19 safety regulations: a mask to wear in crowded places and a safety distance of at least one meter between non-cohabiting people. Good summer!”

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