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What kind of student are you? Here is the gift idea for the 2020 high school diploma that suits you best! - 976x800_regalilaurea-2

What kind of student are you? Here is the gift idea for the 2020 high school diploma that suits you best!

“It is useless to delude ourselves: the 2020 maturity will be very different from past years. It will not come to the end of a last year spent together, there will be no group review afternoons at friends’ houses and probably not even the legendary night before exams! However, it is still an important milestone for the kids and deserves to be celebrated in style! But not all female students are the same! Scholar, dreamer, competitive, rebellious: what type are you? For every personality, OPS has the perfect gift idea for the 2020 high school diploma for you! Let’s see them together!

The diligent and studious girl
Are you a studious and diligent girl who does not get up from her desk if she has not finished all her homework and who has never missed a lesson during the entire quarantine? Are you a faithful representation of Hermione Granger? Surely by this time you will already be anxious about the exams! To reassure you and make you think about holidays and the sea already, OPS has created its new OPS! Tropical collection for you. A double chain necklace with shell and star shaped charms will make you feel the sand under your feet already!

The one with her head always in the clouds
Then there are those students who cannot concentrate for long, who always have their heads in the clouds and get lost in their thoughts looking out the window. They are the romantics, the dreamers. Of course, it is a bit more difficult for them to prepare for exams! For these students, the OPS! Crystal Nuances collection is perfect: like this watch that has a butterfly design on the dial, as light as their thoughts! A perfect gift idea for maturity 2020, don’t you think?

The competitive one that never gives up
In every class and in every group the competitive girl cannot be missing: the one who always wants to excel, who when she smells of challenge she doesn’t think anymore! She can be an annoying presence, but she often has the ability to inspire those around her to do their best. Of course, the moment of the exam is the most difficult both for you and for those around you. For this OPS has thought of the OPS! Funny Mix collection: dynamic and colorful watches suitable for people who do not stop at nothing!

The girl who doesn’t want to obey the rules
If, on the other hand, you are the type of rebellious girl, who always wants to do her own thing, allergic to rules (let alone to exams!), Spending hours on books must be a torture for you! To alleviate this moment, OPS has thought of a gritty and stylish collection like OPS! Timeless Diamonds: a watch with a steel mesh strap and an embellished square seems the best way to tell the world “I do as I want”! A gift idea for the 2020 high school diploma that could be very much appreciated!

Let’s celebrate maturity 2020 with OPS!
Precisely because, as we have said, the 2020 maturity will be very different from how we know it, we must celebrate it to the fullest! And that’s why we wanted to offer you some gift ideas. However, we invite you to browse our site to find the one that suits you best … good discovery!”

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