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ICON rings: one ring for every style and personality - 976x800-11-10-focus-icon

ICON rings: one ring for every style and personality

A perfect manicure is not enough to enhance a woman’s hands, what you need are those precious and sparkling perfect circles adorned with stones, symbols, engravings, crystals and more.
Yes, it is them, the rings, and this year they are not simply an accessory to show off but a symbol to always carry with you. With the new ICON collection, Opsobjects has created a ring for every style and personality.
Discover the new collection of ICON rings and find the ring that’s right for you!
ICON Rings: A ring to express who you are
The 2021 rings become important and voluminous but are above all rich in meaning. In addition to the large dimensions that stand out on the fingers of the hand, these accessories are filled with symbols and engravings that reflect the personality of whoever wears them.
Enhance your hand by wearing a Golden ring with the letter that represents you: choose the initial of your name or that of your loved one and always carry it with you. Combine this accessory with the precious necklace from the ALPHABET line for a complete set full of letters and meaning.
Amulets and talismans have the power to banish negativity and bring light and positivity to your days. These precious rings in the Golden or White version are embellished with huge colored stones and each of these is endowed with particular virtues and meanings.
The Golden Amelie ring, with its purple stone, is seductive and gritty: designed for hands craving a glamorous and captivating style. For sea lovers, dive into the intense blue of Margot, or choose the pure white of Phoebe to give light to your hands.
If you love the White versions, discover Evelyne with its turquoise stone, or Sarah with the tone-on-tone stone for a touch of class and elegance.
Let’s see which personality you are: with these precious and unique four rings, we have created a ring for each personality.
If you love challenges and consider yourself a determined, tough person who thinks outside the box: there is no doubt that you are a Temptation. Your symbol is a seductive snake that entices anyone to befriend you and your adventurous spirit. For sweet souls, eager for passion and ready to do anything to win true love, the ring in question is Passion: a delicate and romantic rose, ready to prick anyone who does not deserve your love with its thorns. If your dream is to travel and discover the whole world backpacking, it is obvious that you are a Freedom: your free spirit is not made for small and chaotic cities but for large open spaces where you can breathe the beauty of life. . Carry this precious butterfly always with you on every trip.
And finally we have Joy, the flagship of the collection. Because? Express happiness, that’s why! Each of us deserves to be happy, to have a life full of satisfactions, passions and values to fight for. Joy is all of this, it is life. A profound meaning contained in a simple smile. A smile to share with the whole world to bring happiness to yourself and to others.
All strictly in 925 silver plated in 18k yellow gold or rhodium and embellished with zircons, pearls and enamels. A production made by hand by expert craftsmen for 100% Made in Italy quality.
These precious rings are not just accessories, but they have an enormous symbolic power so that you will no longer be able to take them off, moreover they are simple and versatile, perfect for any occasion.
What are you waiting for? Discover the new ICON rings collection: find your distinctive sign and always carry it with you as a precious amulet. Choose to match your ring with Opsobjects jewels from the new Fall Winter 2021-22 collection: a precious and unique line, full of novelties, feelings and personality.

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