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New Opsobjects Jewels: Discover the new collections for the Autumn-Winter 2021-22 season - new collection

New Opsobjects Jewels: Discover the new collections for the Autumn-Winter 2021-22 season

September is a month with a thousand meanings but one thing is certain: either you love it or you hate it and well .. we love it! The autumn-winter season brings with it that sweet sensation of wrapping yourself in a soft blanket, drinking hot tea in the evening and enjoying the crisp morning air. Yes, we love autumn, its colors, scents and flavors, but above all we love the new collections and this year they are extraordinary! So here we are, ready to amaze you with our precious and unique Opsobjects jewels in a completely new version, designed especially for the Autumn-Winter 2021-22 season.
There is no outfit without an Opsobjects jewel!
Today it is clear that we cannot feel “complete” without the right accessory to finish our outfit. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets are not just jewels but a way to express your personality and enhance your look.
With the new FW 2021-22 collection, Opsobjects has thought of just this: YOU!
We want you to be at the center of the scene, which is why we have created ALPHABET, the new line of necklaces where you can choose the letter that represents you and always carry it with you. A simple and elegant jewel, so versatile that it can be worn practically every day and on any occasion.
Also in the brand new collection of ICON rings we find each letter engraved with care and precision on the top of the ring. Choose the initial of your name or of your loved one and always hold it tightly in your hands.
Images and designs are now a must in jewelry, which is why Opsobject has recreated captivating signs of the zodiac and symbols to let you express yourself as you prefer. With the ZODIAC line of necklaces you just have to choose your zodiac sign and always carry it with you.
If you love symbolism, you can’t help but fall in love with the new ICON rings: one for each personality. In the Temptation version with the seductive snake; Passion and its delicate pink; Freedom with the carefree butterfly; and finally Joy’s happiness with her sincere smile.
This new Opsobjects collection is designed especially for you. Choose the jewel that best represents you and wear it on every occasion.
Back to the office! Yes, but with style thanks to Opsobjects jewels
Going back to the office is never easy, especially after all the cocktails on the beach and parties with friends. But on the other hand, summer is like that, isn’t it? We enjoy it while it’s there … but now? Now it’s back to old habits: work or study, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and carry on your goals for this new season.
We let the jewels to cheer us up in the most intense and stressful moments of study or work. With the new collection of Opsobjects accessories, you are spoiled for choice: precious, unique, perfect for making a comeback and showing your colleagues that you are the toughest and most stylish in the office.
Wear one of the new Opsobjects watches with pride: from the romantic line Lovely Moment with embossed hearts; to the Freedom model for more gritty wrists; up to the Fabulous version for those who do not want to go unnoticed.
Complete your daily outfit with the right accessory. Each jewel in the new collection expresses a different style: discover the Midnight Passion line, with a moon-shaped pendant and a contrasting heart; for pearl lovers here is the Pearly Way line, large hearts filled with white pearls to give a touch of elegance to the cleavage.
Seductive, personal, intimate and gritty: a complete collection like this had never been seen before. Wear the perfect jewel for you by choosing the letter or symbol that best represents you and find the right accessory to show off with your work colleagues.
What are you waiting for? Visit our website and discover all the accessories of the new Opsobjects Fall-Winter 2021.22 collection.

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