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Quarantined TV series to watch with OPS style

“We are still in forced quarantine and after running out of stash of Disney cartoons, we decided to move on to TV series. We don’t lack time. This lockdown can be an opportunity to discover new TV series, recommended by friends but that you never had the time to see, or to savor past seasons of TV series that you loved. There are TV series to watch with a smile on your face, those that transport you to another era or another world, those to watch carefully. Obviously always together with the OPS articles! So hand the remote control or the PC and let’s go!

Money Heist: a catchphrase to not miss
Many have now seen, probably in record time, the fourth season of La Casa di Carta, the Spanish TV series available on Netflix. However, this quarantine can also be an opportunity for some to see the first three and enjoy the thriller atmosphere of this series. The daring adventures of a band of robbers from the House of Paper, or the Madrid Mint, are engaging, the characters and their intriguing relationships. But their disguise has certainly become iconic: full red jumpsuits and Salvador Dalì masks. The ideal look to combine with this watch from the OPS! Posh Active collection, simple and practical. What do you think?

Devils: the dark world of finance
Recently released on Sky, Diavoli takes us into the world of New York high finance, which ends up showing itself to be anything but boring. Diavoli tells the story of Massimo Ruggero, head of trading at a major American banking giant, and of his struggle for power following his mentor, Dominic Morgan. But one step away from the much-desired appointment as deputy CEO, something goes wrong and Massimo finds himself catapulted into a hell of intrigue and violence. The serious and elegant atmospheres of high finance inspired us to pair this series with a watch from the OPS! Lux Crystal series.

Sex education: the tv series we were missing
Sex education is the TV series that perhaps we needed. Of British origin, she deals with sex life and its discovery by students of an English high school. And it does so with irony and simplicity, but without trivializing a thorny topic for everyone, let alone for teenagers. Each episode deals with a different problem: from the first time, to homosexual love, to the acceptance of one’s homosexuality and one’s feelings. And adults are not excluded from this world, both in the role of parents and “”patients””. Yes, because the common thread is the adventures of Otis, an awkward and virgin teenager, who, helped by Maeve, finds himself setting up a sort of sex clinic, to give psychological support to his schoolmates. Two light and fun seasons, Sex education is perfect to accompany the days of this quarantine, together with the bracelet from our OPS! Love fool collection.

The Crown: let yourself be transported to another world
If, on the other hand, you want to change the historical period and place, we advise you to immerse yourself in the real atmosphere of The Crown, the highly successful TV series that tells the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the English royal family. For lovers of historical TV series, the settings and well-kept costumes of The Crown cannot be missed. And to identify even better in the atmosphere of England in the 60s and 70s, what better watch than the one from the OPS! The one collection?

Game of Thrones: recovering a classic
When you think of a “”TV series marathon”” you can’t help but think of Game of Thrones: eight seasons of dragons, knights, kings and queens who have won millions of followers, giving us unforgettable characters such as Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon Snow, Cersey . Finally Sky Atlantic has decided to make all the episodes available again and what better pastime for this long quarantine? Which method is more suitable to elaborate the mourning of the end of the series, with the controversies that it brought with it? Now you have the chance to review all seasons and, who knows, even write your own ending! To fully enjoy the atmosphere of Game of Thrones, we recommend this necklace from our OPS! Precious collection.

The terrifying adventures of Sabrina: the struggle between good and evil
Some of you will remember the TV series Sabrina – Bewitched a few years ago, where a slightly clumsy teenager was struggling with her first witch spells. Here, in The terrifying adventures of Sabrina we find the same characters but a much more determined and decisive Sabrina. Also in this case, our protagonist must be able to reconcile a life as a normal human adolescent with a witch with full powers, but facing greater dangers and frequent trips to hell. An engaging TV series, now in its third season, perfect for escaping the boredom of quarantine. And then Sabrina is a true style icon: very light hair, almost white, dark red lipstick, black nail polish, tight but not too much clothing. A perfect style to finish with a watch from our OPS! Cute collection.

Our OPSatHOME initiative continues
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