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Ops and Disney classics! - 976x800-disney-2

Ops and Disney classics!

“Disney + landed in Italy last March, bringing us all back to childhood memories and also alleviating a little the pains of this mandatory quarantine. An opportunity to review the Disney classics that fascinated us as children and also to discover new releases. So, during the evenings spent on the sofa in the company of cartoons, we had fun combining OPS watches with the most popular Disney classics. Would you like to play with us?

The Lion King: a timeless classic
Let’s start with The Lion King, one of the most loved classics of every generation. The story of the little lion Simba, the tragic loss of his father Mufasa (yes, a trauma from which some of us have yet to recover) and his struggle to regain the throne cannot leave indifferent! In addition, the mix of beautiful music, funny characters and unforgettable jokes has made the Lion King a pillar that cannot be missed. Even the live action version, very faithful to the original, is well done and engaging. Obviously the Lion King recalls a wild, wild… animalier style! Here is the perfect watch from the OPS! Bold Animalier collection. What do you think?

Aladdin: welcome to the world of magic
Another unforgettable Disney cartoon in our opinion is Aladdin: the story, the characters, the music and that pinch of magic make it a masterpiece that cannot be seen and seen again. The classic story of Aladdin and the legendary magic lamp is also the story of the growth of a good but poor boy, a “”bum””, who demonstrates courage and skill, winning the heart of Princess Jasmine and defeating the very bad Jafar, one of the most successes of Disney. None of this would be possible without the help of the magnificent Genius of the lamp, to whom the great Gigi Proietti lent his voice in a masterful interpretation. The atmospheres of Agrabah and Aladdin’s desert inspired us to combine this Disney cartoon with a watch from our OPS! Fair collection: black and gold, very elegant!

Peter Pan: the refusal to grow up
Perhaps not one of the most popular Disney cartoons, but certainly the story of Peter Pan has a special place in our imagination. The story of the child who fled to Neverland in order not to have to grow up and become an adult, his search for a mother figure, his friendship with Wendy and with the lost children and his eternal fight with Captain Hook certainly deserve to be seen at least once! Thinking of Peter Pan and its enchanted atmosphere, the best match in our opinion is with a watch from the OPS! Light Charme collection like this one.

The follies of the emperor, new but already a classic
The Emperor’s Madness is a fairly recent Disney cartoon from 2000, but which has already fully entered the Olympus of classics. Set in the times of the Inca Empire, it tells the amusing adventures of Emperor Kuzco, transformed into a llama by a potion of the evil witch Izma. Kuzco will have to compromise with his temper and ally with the farmer Pacha to find the antidote and become human again. The fast and engaging pace of this Disney cartoon makes it pleasant to discover even for slightly older children. The colors and shapes of the Inca empire inspired us to combine The Emperor’s follies with a watch from our OPS! Posh Glitter collection like this one.

Our OPSatHome initiative continues
And while you indulge in your favorite Disney cartoons, don’t forget our OPSatHOME initiative. For each purchase you make, 20% will be donated to the Civil Protection for the fight against covid-19. Shipping is also free and will be made starting from May 4th. What are you waiting for? Choose the watch that most inspires you!”

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