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Perfect tan: Ops! tips - collane-nodi-2

Perfect tan: Ops! tips

What would you be willing to do to get a perfect tan? We know that a tanned skin immediately appears more compact and beautiful and allows us to dare with a look and jewels in bright colors. In the summer, the necklines become wider and the necklaces become one of the main accessories both on the beach and in the city. The necklaces from the OPS! NODI collection, for example, are a must have for summer 2018: in silver-colored steel with a heart-shaped pendant and colored silicone knots, they will give your look a touch of elegance and color.

Ops! has drawn up a handbook for a perfect tan without side effects:


Prepare the skin for sun exposure. It is essential for a perfect tan because the scrub exfoliates the whole body and helps eliminate dead cells, thus promoting an even complexion.


The best way to be protected and to tan without taking unnecessary risks is to spread the sunscreen half an hour before sun exposure and continue doing it throughout the day, approximately every 3 hours.


A perfect tan is natural and gradual: start by exposing yourself to the sun for an hour and then for several hours, the skin must get used to the sun’s rays. Avoid the hottest hours of the day to prevent sunburn.


Changing your position often contributes to an even tan: sports and walks are ideal for tanning the whole body, but if you prefer to lie in the sun, the advice is to turn around and change position every 20 minutes.


A fundamental step to ensure a lasting tan is the use of a good moisturizer: at the end of the day, perhaps after a shower, pamper your skin with a soothing cream or after-sun, it will help to give it relief and hydrate it after prolonged exposure in the sun.

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