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Books on the beach: 5 titles recommended by Ops! - image001-7

Books on the beach: 5 titles recommended by Ops!

Among the things to pack before leaving for the holidays, it is impossible to forget a good book to read. There is nothing better than some summer reading to relax. Get involved in the stories and adventures you will read and when you want to get back in touch with reality, just take a look at your OPS! LUX STUDS watch. Wear it on the beach to be truly glamorous, available in 4 colors: white, black, gray and pastel pink.

Among the many reading proposals of summer 2018, here is our selection:

The happiness of the S. Hayhood cactus

The essence of the book is a hymn to love life as it presents itself, without rules. A hymn told through the life of Susan, an inflexible feminist of iron, a thorny woman like her cacti who will begin to blossom, when she finds herself in spite of herself to face mourning and an unexpected pregnancy.

Eleanor Oliphant looks great by G. Honeyman

Eleanor lives in her own world and is fine, very well indeed! She is a wise and unforgettable heroine who grows fond of after the first few pages. A girl blocked by a trauma that she herself does not know she had but which marked her existence. A touching and engaging novel. A hymn to the power of kindness.

The Girl with the Leica by H. Janeczek

Winning book of the 2018 Strega award, it tells the story of the war photojournalist Gerda Taro through the eyes of her closest friends. The first photographer who died on the battlefield in ’37 in Paris. An engaging narrative that, thanks to the author’s considerable commitment, brings to light the bloody events of the Spanish Civil War. Novel built on original sources, and of which Taro is the protagonist.

R. West’s Aubrey family

In this first volume of the Aubrey trilogy, we will find a pungent sense of humor and unforgettable characters. The Aubreys are a family of artists. Poor but very united, they face daily difficulties with great spirit. A great masterpiece to be discovered within an engaging and thrilling narrative.

Devouring the sky by Fr. Giordano

“The first time Teresa sees them they are bathing in the pool, naked, secretly. She spies on them from the window. They seem free and wild to her. They are three intruders, says his father. Or just three guys, just like her ”. Ten years after “The solitude of prime numbers”, Paolo Giordano returns to telling about his youth, then the gamble of becoming an adult, in a powerful and generous novel.

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