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Opsobjects Gioielli e orologi Nuove collezioni Autunno Inverno 2022-23 - 976x800_immagine-blog

The new OPSOBJECTS collections for the Autumn-Winter 2022-23 season

September has arrived again this year, and with it the usual routine of each of us returns.

It seems like yesterday that we were on that beautiful golden beach sipping a good aperitif under the warm rays of the sun and with a sparkling blue sea in front of our eyes.

But now just think about what happened in the summer just passed, we need to look at the present and this September is full of news!

Yes, because even if it is true that summer nostalgia infects everyone, it must be swept away by the good intentions of a month which has always represented a starting point for the autumn and winter season that lies ahead. to us.

So everyone take a pen and paper and make a list of good intentions to make from now on: devote more time to yourself, finish that TV series you like, take the last exams at the University, finally find love, join the gym, get a promotion at work … in short, whatever your good resolution is, pin it on a pad and from today work on it to make it happen!

If September is the month of good intentions then, but as we said, also some news… yes, because the brand new Autumn-Winter 2022-23 collection of OPSOBJECTS jewelry and watches has been launched! New versions of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches that will leave you speechless for their beauty and dynamism!

As we always say, an outfit is truly fashionable only with the right accessory and, with the new OPSOBJECTS Autumn-Winter 2022-23 collections! you are spoiled for choice!

Each accessory is not just a jewel, but a way to express one’s uniqueness, one’s character, in short, a way to stand out!

Here are the collections that you can admire online and in all the best jewelers:

LIZZY necklaces, bracelets and earrings: a set of jewels that will leave you breathless, natural river pearls and chains of different sizes and shapes in polished steel with yellow gold PVD treatment, ideal for an evening of style and fun! With these jewels one thing is certain: you will not go unnoticed! But if you love pearls then, you will also have to complete your look with the PEARL collection, bracelets and necklaces in polished steel that alternate white pearls with hanging crystals: an inimitable accessory!

A must in jewelry are symbols and for this reason the brand new and colorful CRYSTAL DREAMS necklaces could not be missing: polished steel necklaces with yellow and pink gold PVD treatment with pendant pendant of various shapes such as circle, heart, star and four-leaf clover, all studded. of crystals. An accessory that cannot be missing in your jewelry box!

Still on the subject of symbols and colors, here is the FABLE HEART collection, necklaces in polished steel with a heart-shaped pendant characterized by a colored crystal. For those who are a dreamer and are often enchanted by looking at the stars, the new collection of FABLE STAR bracelets and necklaces will be for them!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a minimal but at the same time impactful and unique accessory, then you absolutely must discover the CRYSTALS and SHIMMER collections, bracelets and necklaces characterized by thin chains and luminous crystals of various colors.

Elegance and simplicity, these are the two terms that best describe the ELEGANT AFFAIR line, bracelets and necklaces in torchon mesh in polished steel with yellow gold and pink gold PVD treatment.

The accessory that cannot be missing this winter among your outfits is definitely the double chain and for this reason Opsoobjects has thought about the launch of the FABLE CRYSTALS collection, bracelets and necklaces with double chains and hanging crystals!

A self-respecting outfit, always in time with the trends, as well as a trendy jewel, cannot do without a watch that is suitable for every occasion!

So for this Fall-Winter 2022-23 season, OPSOBJECTS launches the new watch collections, for every occasion and time of day, characterized by one thing: uniqueness!

Colored glasses and a thin metal strap for the new BON BON COLRS line, a watch that winks at the past, but with an eye towards the future and innovation! Colored glass that also features the UNCONVENTIONAL LOVE line of watches, ideal for those who love colors but cannot give up the elegance of the Milan Jersey strap which is also present for the FLORENCE GLAM line, a watch with a sunray dial and stones.

But that’s not all… the new OPSOBJECTS watches have been made for all tastes and styles and in new and innovative shapes. Like the SERIOUS line, a square-shaped dial with indexes and Milan mesh strap, ideal for a refined style that does not go unnoticed, as well as the watches of the SHAPE line, a rectangular mother-of-pearl dial in various colors and with different variations of metal straps.

For those who love colors, then, can not miss the brand new color variations of the watches of the CHERRY and JOLLY line, watches with colored silicone strap: elegant, dynamic and inimitable!

Finally, let yourself be captivated by the elegance and refinement of the MUST and ELEGANT line watches.

Unique, with personality, dynamic: these are just some of the features of the new collection of jewelry and watches by OPSOBJECTS, with a design that is always aimed at the future and innovation!

What are you waiting for? Start now to realize your good intentions and renew your look with the accessories of the new Opsobjects Autumn-Winter 2022-23 collection.

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