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Glamorous Halloween: the right accessories for the scariest night of the year - halloween-2

Glamorous Halloween: the right accessories for the scariest night of the year

What is Halloween

The modern Halloween party comes from ancient pagan and Celtic traditions, most notably from Samhain, the late summer festival traditionally celebrated on November 1st. On October 31st gigantic fires were set in the hills to scare evil souls, hence the modern custom of wearing macabre disguises. The holiday landed on the coasts of the United States and Canada with Irish immigrants who used to empty turnips and light them with a candle as a protection for their home. Turnips which were then replaced by the more common pumpkins.

Curiosity: the word Halloween derives from the phrase All Hallows’ Eve that is the Night of all sacred spirits, or All Saints

Halloween: what to wear


it has become an anniversary celebrated everywhere and also in terms of look and fashion there are many proposals and variations on the theme from which you can take inspiration. A simple garment, if well matched, can give life to a costume for Halloween: just a sweater torn in the right places, a pumpkin-colored coat or a vinyl trench coat to be absolutely in tune with the evening.

The accessories to give a glamorous touch to your Halloween look

However, it is the accessories that really make the difference on the look for this evening, combined with a penetrating and very dark smokey eye make-up, they will make you unique. Here a selection of accessories Ops! suitable for the occasion:

OPS! STARLIGHT: bracelet clearly inspired by glam rock, choose the variant with black Swarovski for a total dark look or in rose gold to embellish your Halloween costume.

OPS! MILANO: total black watch with sparkling gold-colored details and crystal indexes, to give incisiveness to your horror look.

OPS! GEM: a pendant studded with black Swarovskii is the glamorous accessory to wear on the witches’ night.

OPS! MARBLE: black acetate earrings with silver details, to leave nothing to chance.

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