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Black Friday and Black Week: Ops! ideas - blog-1-5

Black Friday and Black Week: Ops! ideas

“We are approaching the week most awaited by shoppers, that of crazy discounts and compulsive purchases, namely Black Week.

What is Black Friday
A day dedicated entirely to discounts that officially marks the beginning of Christmas shopping. Black Friday occurs every year on the third Friday of November and this year the X date is next November 23rd. An anniversary borrowed from the United States that quickly spread throughout Europe as well.

Over time, this day of discounts has extended to the entire week preceding it: this is how Black Week was born.

The Black Week of Opsobjects
We certainly couldn’t avoid preparing offers for this long-awaited week and that is why starting from Monday 19th November to Sunday 25th November you will be able to buy watches, bracelets, necklaces and all your accessories Ops! favorites with discounts from 30% to 50% on the website
If you want to leave the house, you can go to our authorized dealers, with “Black Week Opsobjects” in the window where you will find many offers waiting for you! You can find the store closest to you at this link.
A unique opportunity to renew your Opsobjects look or to start putting fantastic gift ideas under the Christmas tree!”

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