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CHRISTMAS SET: compose your Christmas Set in a precious Christmas Box - 976x800_XMAS-SET-IT

CHRISTMAS SET: compose your Christmas Set in a precious Christmas Box

This Christmas Opsobjects has decided to give you a gift! In fact, by going to the Ops site you will be able to compose a Christmas Set consisting of a jewel and an Opsobjects watch and a gadget of your choice at the fixed price of 49 euros! Your Christmas set will arrive at your home in a fantastic Christmas Box that you can give to someone special or place under the Christmas tree and wait for the big day to open it!
Here’s how to do it:
Go to the page
choose your favorite jewel and insert it in the box
choose the watch that suits you and put it in the box
choose one of the OPS gadgets designed for you
insert your Christmas box in the cart and complete the purchase for only 49 euros!
Among the gadgets available you can choose the colorful phone beads, a shiny OPS! Bag or a classic OPS! Bag black.
The Christmas air is getting closer and closer, there is no time to waste: the offer is valid until Christmas. Do not miss the opportunity to give an Ops Object jewel in a wonderful Christmas Box!
Many gift ideas for a special Christmas
This Christmas give yourself a precious Opsobjects jewel to wear with your Christmas outfits! Discover the GRACE line with bracelets and necklaces with oval or round diamond links: a gold-plated collection for a super Christmas effect! If, on the other hand, you are looking for romanticism, choose the VICTORIA line with necklaces and bracelets in groumette chain and pendant heart. This simple and refined line will give an extra touch to your Christmas looks. Remaining on the “gold” theme, complete your Christmas box with the FLORENCE GLAM watch in steel, anthracite and yellow gold. After all, you always have to shine but during the holidays even more, right?
If your Christmas Box is destined for a special person, choose to donate the JOYFUL LOVE necklace with bracelet: an irresistible set perfect for any occasion and with any style!
If you are looking for a gift with a winter flavor, choose the earrings and bracelet of the LIGHT BOX line: the bright stones in shades of turquoise and aquamarine will give a truly Winter touch! This set goes wonderfully with the BLOOMING LOVE watch in steel with embossed flower and navy blue enamel bezel. Discover all the Opsobject watches on our website and find the one that best suits your special person.
What are you waiting for? Christmas is almost upon us! Do not miss the opportunity to receive a precious Christmas Box at your home with your favorite Opsobjects jewels! Choose the perfect gadget for you and wear OPS accessories! with your Christmas looks. The offer is valid until Christmas: take advantage now and receive your CHRISTMAS SET for only 49 euros!

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