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SS 13 – OPS!Tennis

A hotel suite, among orchids and tropical leaves, with an easy-chic sofa in strong colors, is the setting for a modern, young, amused Diva, who with her charming and enigmatic smile, captures the attention of admirers and fans . Its beauty from the you to the 50’s, those of Marilyn, with an innate ability to create around itself a mysterious and feminine allure of yesteryear. And like any self-respecting diva, in a colorful dream, amidst glamor, exotic flowers and chromatic reflections, let the photographers immortalize her in all her splendor and enchantment, accompanied by her best friends, a shower of precious and sparkling stones On the wrist! OPS! Tennis, the exclusivity of a timeless jewelry must-have, revisited in colors, shapes and materials, is destined to become the cult bracelet of the spring summer 2013 season: a single body in silicone, with “push & pull” closure branded with the unmistakable OPS! cartoon, it welcomes 31 precious Swarovski crystals in the women’s model, 35 Swarovski crystals in the men’s model, encapsulated in a polycarbonate core, one by one, thanks to a unique method patented by the OPSOBJECTS creative department. 20 color variations make it a versatile and elegant fashion jewel, which ironizes and democratizes the design of the historic rivière bracelet with a flexible frame, respecting the simple and romantic tradition of the succession of stones, all the same, in a row one after the other , to symbolize eternal love. An amused star, with wavy hair and cinematic make-up, is the perfect actress for the launch of the OPS! Tennis bracelet, capable of perfectly fulfilling the role of cool day jewel and evening fashion icon, suitable for an outfit as elegant as casual. OPS! Tennis Feel like a Diva!

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