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OPSLOVEAGAIN the new OPSOBJECTS campaign to celebrate 10 years:

There are loves that remain indelible in the soul … Just see them again to get excited again.
Opsobjects launches the new adv campaign and chooses Ludovica Pagani as interpreter of the new Luxury jewelry collection. Beauty and preciousness, Italianness and contemporaneity meet in this creative project conceived to celebrate the ten years of the fashion jewelery brand. Influencer with 2.6 million followers on Instagram, DJ, creator of a YouTube channel and presenter, Ludovica Pagani poses with sensual elegance between female busts and plaster statues, to underline the strong link between the brand and art, between the contemporary trends and classical culture. In a metaphysical, silent and imposing environment that recalls those of great museums, which evokes the atmosphere of a sculpture workshop, which cites the most illustrious pages of the history of art, Pagani reveals the charm of Luxury jewels. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings contain artistic, manufacturing and stylistic contents that today represent true luxury: this theme of preciousness is also emphasized by the 24 k gold dipping that characterizes all the lines of the new made in Italy collection. The iconic heart, symbol of Opsobjects, is presented in a luxurious and bold bold version in the Precious Love line or combined with jingle charms in different shapes and colors in the glamorous spirit proposals of the Fashion Love line. Preciousness and clear references to art also return in Natural Love, which once again pays tribute to the classical era and to the high Italian goldsmith tradition. The Luxury collections of Opsobjects are, in fact, a hymn to the well-made and to the precious knowledge of the Italian shops; they are a message of rebirth, a story made up of cultural stratifications that pay homage to Italian uniqueness: design, attention to detail and research on materials immediately become a trend.

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