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Woman watches: how to choose the right one for you! - blog-pretty-1-2

Woman watches: how to choose the right one for you!

“After seeing the 2019 watch trends, all you have to do is choose the model that best suits your personality and your way of dressing.

Sporty woman watch
Sports watches, in addition to being practical and comfortable, are also very comfortable and to wear every day with simple and casual looks.
Opsobjects silicone watches are ideal if you are looking for simplicity and comfort: OPS! POSH PETITE is the watch with a sporty look and ultra flat design, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

Elegant woman watch
If you were thinking of something elegant and sophisticated, the OPS! PARIS LUX and OPS! BOLD HEART models are what you were looking for: the Milan mesh strap, both in silver and gold but also in rose gold, is a classic of watchmaking, in able to give the model femininity and elegance. You just have to choose between octagonal or round case!

Minimal woman watch
Ultra thin strap and round case, OPS! CHARME is the perfect combination of elegance, femininity and comfort. In Milan mesh or imitation leather, a crystal bezel wraps around and the dial embellished with an iconic heart Ops!

Vintage woman watch
Rounded shapes and all the energy of color in vinyl details: OPS! PRETTY watches evoke all the style of the 80s! A design model available in sober nuances but also in pop and pretty shades of turquoise, lilac, and pink!

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