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2019 jewelry: what to expect from New Year's fashion - Foto-art-blog-novita-moda-2019-2

2019 jewelry: what to expect from New Year’s fashion

What accessories will we wear in 2019?

Each woman uses the accessories daily, combining them according to the mood of the day and paying attention to the trends of the moment. The accessories that make even the simplest outfit personal, especially in winter, illuminating the look, are the jewels. We at Opsobjects have selected for you, the main 2019 trends on these important accessories:


Who more has more put! Many, of different colors, shapes and materials: at the first place among the fashion trends for 2019 accessories there are certainly bracelets! Whether in steel or silicone, colored or not, with chain or not, for a riot of colors and shapes.

The charms: stars, hearts and words

Present in bracelets, earrings and necklaces, with simple and clean lines or embellished with silver and rose gold microcrystals. Indulge yourself in mixing your charms with symbols and words, a real must have not to be missed this winter!

Necklaces with many strands

It is the trend of the moment, many strands of overlapping necklaces, in silver or rose gold colors, simple or with charms, the different lengths will give dynamism and movement to your look!

Coin pendants

The new year has launched the trend with a slightly vintage flavor of the coin pendant: in yellow gold, to combine or overlap with other necklaces of different lengths.

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