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Valentine's Day: how to amaze your sweetheart! - blog-1-4

Valentine’s Day: how to amaze your sweetheart!

“Valentine’s Day: how to surprise your other half

There is now very little time left for the day dedicated to love.
Don’t be caught unprepared, after choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend, here are some ideas to surprise your sweetheart on the most romantic day of the year.

Send her some flowers
What’s more romantic than receiving a bouquet of red roses? But pay attention to the rules: according to the bon ton they must always be in odd numbers and each number corresponds to a different message, a rose only for example if it is love at first sight, thirteen indicate a secret passion, thirty-three a deep love. What is the number of your love?

Dedicate to the radio
Choose her favorite radio and record a message of love for her, she will surely be surprised. The Valentine’s Day dedication will be even more successful if after your message you make her listen to your song!

Make her dinner
Nothing makes a woman lose her head like a man who cooks for her! Plan the menu down to the smallest detail, why not choose something aphrodisiac to accompany a good bottle of wine, you will have created the perfect atmosphere.

Breakfast in bed
Who said that Valentine’s Day is only celebrated at dinner? Bring her breakfast in bed – even in this case you can make pancakes or a cake yourself – and don’t forget the presentation, accompany it all with fresh flowers.
Along with breakfast, have her find a small package containing one of the beautiful OPS! BOLD HEART watches, with romantic heart-shaped details in the dial, the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget that from 1 to 14 February 2019, for every Opsobjects order, you will get an elegant clutch bag as a gift!”

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