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Which colors to wear for spring 2020

“Staying at home also means having more time to think about your purchases for spring 2020, rearrange the wardrobe and prepare our outfits for the season that has just begun. Have you already seen what are the trendy colors this year? If you are not yet prepared, we will tell you about them. Because we are sure that we will get out of this difficult situation and when we do … it will be good to have the right look!

The thousand shades of pink for your spring 2020
A romantic and sweet spring 2020, with the prevalence of all shades of pink: this is the predominant color in the fashion shows. From salmon pink to powder pink, from fuchsia to antique pink, up to bubblegum pink, for those who want to rediscover femininity, becoming a little girl again. Whether it’s a blouse, a dress or even a jacket, this color will be perfect to accompany your spring 2020. And why not combine it with a watch like this one from the OPS! Fair collection … pink of course!

The classic pastel colors for a delicate spring 2020
For some years now, the delicate pastel colors have accompanied us in every beautiful season and spring 2020 is no exception! Sugar paper blue, mint green, soft shades of blue are perfect to color your looks with tenderness and to make you extremely elegant. A pastel-colored overcoat, for example, would give a very personal touch to your outfit! And with a pastel look for spring 2020, why not combine a watch like the one from the OPS! Classy collection in a sugar paper color and undoubtedly elegant style?

Light up your spring 2020 with vitamin colors
If, on the other hand, you want to give your spring 2020 looks a boost and you can’t wait to take off the dark tones of winter, the vitamin colors are for you! Lemon yellow, grapefruit pink or lime green: colors that bring energy and give an extra charge to face even this moment! A logette skirt, for example, or even a simple scarf can give light and color to your look. Vitamin colors are fresh and young like this watch model from the OPS! Bold Flower collection… perfect for spring!A greedy spring 2020 with the colors of creams
A curious trend for spring 2020 are colors that are reminiscent of creams and ice creams: cream, whipped cream, chocolate, hazelnut, delicate colors that make your mouth water! Gianduia and tiramisu are also highly sought after. Perfect to wear even on elegant occasions or for business meetings: thanks to their soft nuances they are the right base for every outfit. And ideal to combine with a sophisticated and “greedy” watch like the one from the OPS! Cute! Collection.

We all need hope: spring 2020 is green!
And in the spring palette, especially spring 2020, green could not be missing. In its variants moss, grass and mint will illuminate any other color … and you too! A green shirt or even a patterned shirtdress based on a beautiful bright green are perfect to wear both in a daily look and in a casual evening with friends. And green goes well with steel, so why not complete your look with a watch from the OPS! Timeless Diamonds collection?

Don’t be caught unprepared for spring 2020
So don’t get caught unprepared for this spring 2020! With the #Opsathome promotion you will have free shipping for orders by April 3 and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Italian Civil Protection for the fight against Coronavirus. The items will be shipped as soon as the state of emergency ends. What are you waiting for?”

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