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Singles' Day: Chinese black Friday. A good opportunity to celebrate! - singles-day-2

Singles’ Day: Chinese black Friday. A good opportunity to celebrate!

“Singles’ Day: Chinese black Friday. A good opportunity to celebrate!

Today is Singles’ day, the day of the year dedicated to singles, born in China as opposed to Valentine’s Day, over the years it has become the richest online shopping marathon in the world.

Singles’ Day: when it was born
Singles Day (Guanggun in Chinese) was born in China in the first half of the nineties, when some students of the University of Nanjing chose November 11 as a day dedicated to lonely hearts and as opposed to Valentine’s Day.
The date 11/11 was not chosen at random: each number symbolically indicated one of the four single people who had conceived this anniversary.
In China it quickly takes hold and becomes the occasion for parties, events and karaoke in company, strictly forbidden to couples, but the Single Day is destined to become famous all over the world for much more …

Singles Day: when did it get famous?
Initially, during Singles Day, parties and events reserved exclusively for singles were organized while stores and shops tried to attract this type of clientele.
With the advent of social networks, the anniversary has spread more and more throughout China and beyond: in 2009, the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, chose to launch a discount campaign during Singles Day.
Given the great success of the initiative – just think that in recent years Singles Day is the day when you buy the most things in the world – Alibaba has transformed a celebration limited to China into a global commercial event.

So whether you are single or as a couple, Single Day is definitely a day not to be underestimated. Keep an eye on the offers of your favorite brands and let yourself be inspired.

Singles Day: take advantage of it!
Give yourself a gift!
Why not take advantage of Singles’ Day to give yourself the earrings and bracelets from the OPS! WONDER collection? A single crystal wrapped in colored enamel is the heart of the jewel, to give you brightness and joy!”

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