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Opsobjects con Treedom e 3bee per tutelare il pianeta e le api - 976x800_blog_3BEE_TREEDOM


The OPSOBJECTS brand is very attentive to increasingly current environmental issues and to safeguarding the planet and for this reason the company has decided to undertake two very important collaborations with Treedom and 3bee.

With Treedom OPSOBJECTS initially planted a forest of 200 trees. As we know, trees absorb CO2 during their growth, naturally generating a benefit for the entire planet and contributing to the maintenance of biodiversity. Thanks to Treedom, the planted trees also become a sustainable project that allows thousands of farmers to meet the initial costs of planting new trees, guaranteeing food sovereignty and income opportunities over time.

OPSOBJECTS has decided to share this beautiful and healthy initiative and to grow the forest of trees, giving the possibility to all its customers to buy a product on the site and at the same time adopt a tree that will be planted around the world and the whose story can be followed online.

But how is it possible to have your own tree planted with Opsobjects? It is very simple, from 11 to 30 April 2022 and from June onwards, with the purchase of at least one product from the news section of the site, each Opsobjects customer will receive their own tree as a gift. Inside the order there will be the brochure of the project with a special code to choose the tree you prefer on Treedom. The tree will be planted, photographed and geolocated and each customer will have the opportunity to see it grow. As the tree grows, it will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, producing oxygen and improving the air we all breathe.

But that’s not all, the commitment of Opsobjects for the Planet has in fact also meant that the collaboration with the 3BEE reality was born. Opsobjects, together with 3BEE is committed to the protection of bees.
An underestimated topic but which is of great importance for our entire ecosystem. In fact, the contribution of bees to our planet is fundamental. Bees are pollinators that contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity, ecosystems and many foods. In other words, the world would not be the same without bees. Thanks to their activity, they are directly and indirectly responsible for about 70% of the fruit and vegetables that we find on our tables every day. To this we must add the calculation of plants and wild flowers: about 90% of them need bees to reproduce!

Unfortunately, there are many factors that threaten the survival of bees: parasites and diseases, impoverishment of natural habitats, use of substances such as pesticides and climate change. In 10 years, 10 million hives have disappeared, but the work of beekeepers and the care they dedicate to their bees compensate for part of these losses.

Thanks to the collaboration with 3BEE, the OPSOBJECTS oasis was born. In fact, more than one hundred thousand bees will be monitored and the work of beekeepers to protect these incredible insects will be supported. Furthermore, as with the initiative with Treedom, Opsobjects gives its customers the opportunity to actively contribute to the protection of the planet. In fact, from 9 to 29 May 2022, by purchasing a jewel or a watch from the “News” section, each customer will contribute to enrich the OASI OPSOBJECTS.

Within the order, a brochure of the project will be inserted with a CODE that will give the possibility to adopt a hive completely free of charge. Following adoption, each customer will have the opportunity, through the 3BEE App, to monitor the hive 24 hours a day. Thanks to the detection of the main biological parameters of bees, such as weight, temperature, humidity and sound intensity, the trend, growth and health of the bees will be followed. Finally, among all the customers who have adopted a hive, an extraction will be made in which a lucky winner will have the opportunity to experience a day as a beekeeper!

Opsobjects is attentive to the protection of the planet and our ecosystem in general, which is why it has decided to take concrete paths to make its contribution and involve its customers in sustainable initiatives that are good for the environment, for all of us and for those who are there. around!

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