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OPS! LUXURY KATE collezione bracciali e collane - Opsobjects - 976x800-LUXURY-KATE

OPS! LUXURY KATE let yourself be inspired by the charm of the (future) Queen

Style is an element that distinguishes each person, characterizes them, making them unique compared to others, together with character and personality. Women’s accessories, even if at times apparently imperceptible, can give life to a look full of style and uniqueness. This is precisely the case with the new OPS! LUXURY KATE.

The new jewels proposed are 24K gold-plated yellow gold necklaces and bracelets, characterized by an alternation of spherical and oval shapes. Style and elegance are the masters for a collection with an elegant design, perfect for special occasions, but which at the same time is perfectly sublimated even in a more casual spring look.

The name of the “Kate” collection is inspired by the current princess, future Queen, for its characteristics and style: a strong character, which makes refinement and elegance its cornerstones, so as not to go unnoticed, without ever exaggerating.

Kate is currently Duchess but in the last period she has increasingly stepped into the shoes of the future Queen: the much-loved people’s princess, after the unforgettable Diana.

Discretion, elegance and refinement, the right mix that best describe the future queen and that we find in the new OPS collection! LUXURY KATE. Sober but regal chains, highly distinctive necklaces and bracelets, all enclosed in the Made in Italy guarantee signature.

OPS! LUXURY KATE: bracelets and necklaces

The bracelets and necklaces of the OPS! LUXURY KATE collection have been conceived, designed and made to be worn for any occasion, the yellow gold color is ideal for an evening with friends, as well as for a daily aperitif, but also for a elegant and romantic evening.

Among the prominent jewels of this collection are:

– Yellow gold bracelet with oval link and spheres: a splendid yellow gold bracelet plated in 24K gold with oval links alternating with spheres;

– Yellow gold necklace with an infinity-shaped link: a necklace unique in its design, yellow gold in 24K gold with links crossed in the shape of an infinity;

– Bracelet with round mesh and connection link with spheres: a bracelet that stands out on the wrist of the wearer, yellow gold plated with 24K gold

– Necklace with round and oval links: a splendid 24k gold-plated yellow gold necklace made up of chained round and oval rings.

But that’s not all, this month Opsobjects offers its customers the opportunity to renew their style with the additions of the Elizabeth and Victoria collections.

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