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Nuove collezioni Jewels Opsobjects 2023 - new collection 2023 jewels ops

New Collection Jewels OPS! 2023

Start the new year with style, color and lightness! In this month of January Opsobjects launches the brand new Ops collections! Jewels to create refined looks suitable for every day but also unmissable for special occasions! In short, the new Ops jewels are suitable to accompany you at any time of the day, shining and emerging like a diamond in the sun!

One of the brand new Ops Jewels collections is the Bloom Collection: a new jewelry collection made up of bracelets and necklaces enlivened by a delightful flower-shaped pendant. With the Bloom collection, color blossoms in all its vivacity. The 40 cm polished steel necklaces take shape through the lightness of the “fozatina” chain, airy links that design the choker whose central decoration is composed of a heart colored with enamel (38 Euros). Black, white, pink and blue are the tones that tell the story of the line. Each flower has a crystal in the center. Each necklace finds its perfect match with the bracelets in the collection (17 cm). Each bracelet made of polished steel has a flower in the center in the colors of black, white, pink and blue enamel with a crystal in the center (29 Euros). The necklaces and bracelets are adjustable in size and are personalized with the typical OPS heart! The closure is a snap hook and bears the motif of the heart and the engraving of the OPS logo!

Still on the subject of colors, the Grains Collection explodes with light. Opsobjects revisits with OPS twist! the classic string of beads to give life to the Grains collection, a line of bracelets and necklaces in delicate colors designed to be infinitely combined and multiply the imagination. In the Grains collection, a thin polished steel mesh with yellow gold PVD treatment is combined with a sequence of colored beads. The bracelets – 16 cm – are available in white, turquoise, blue, pink, black and green. The sequence of beads of each color is alternated by six golden beads and a central iridescent white one, a composition that defines the motif that becomes the protagonist (28 Euros). The choker necklaces from the Grains collection by Opsobjects – 38 cm – envelop you with their delicate tones. The white, light blue, turquoise, pink, black and green colored beads are flanked by golden beads and one white which define the central motif. The necklaces are built on the basis of a light polished steel chain with a yellow gold PVD finish (38 Euros). Bracelets and necklaces are personalized by the typical OPS heart! and close thanks to the peculiar jewel carabiner which incorporates the motif of the heart and is engraved with the OPS! logo. The Grains collection by Opsobjects is an invitation to combine colors, to multiply bracelets and necklaces to create a unique, personalized, unrepeatable style… of incomparable sweetness.

But that’s not all, to discover all the other novelties of the Jewels line click here and get inspired by the new jewelery collection!

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