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Last minute vacations: what to pack - blog-color-2

Last minute vacations: what to pack

“Haven’t decided where to go on vacation yet? Will you book your trip at the last minute by taking advantage of the many last minute holiday offers?

Here is a quick and practical check list to not forget the essentials!

It seems trivial to say but very often documents are the last thing you think about. Buy a passport holder and plane ticket, you can find practical and colorful ones, they will help you to have your documents always at hand.

Something to protect you from the cold
Whatever your destination and therefore whatever the climate you will find, a heavy jacket can always be useful to you as the weather is still unpredictable!

Always praise the mini-sizes!
Mini-sizes and travel sets for your last minute trip, indulge yourself and buy everything you might need: shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste and so on and so forth! You can find many variations and many different types, they will be very useful in case of very long journeys and will take up very little space in your suitcase!

A comfortable pair of shoes
Perhaps the most important item in your suitcase. Whether you plan to go on long hikes or you choose a completely relaxing holiday, a pair of comfortable shoes can make the difference!

A swim suit
The swimsuit is like a heavy jacket: it can always be used. Even in the mountains, you may have the opportunity to sunbathe or, why not, to enjoy a day at the spa. The beach towel will also be essential with the swimsuit, why not receive it for free by purchasing a bracelet from the OPS! COLOR collection?

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