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Earrings' love! - orecchini-2

Earrings’ love!

“Earrings, what a passion!

Chandelier, circle, lobe, clip: so on and on and on!
Earrings are the feminine accessory par excellence, the most versatile and the most eye-catching, to be changed according to the occasions and times of the day.

Among the many types of different earrings, how to select the one that best suits your face shape? We at Opsobjects have prepared some tips to help you choose.

The earrings for the round face
the earrings that are more suitable for faces with soft and rounded lines, are the long earrings or with pendants that compensate for the roundness of the features. Avoid pearls, round lobe earrings and hoops. The OPS! ROMANTIC earrings with the iconic Ops! Heart are perfect for the round face.

The perfect earrings for the oval face
Those with a more oval shaped face can afford any model of earrings: from pendants (pay attention to the length!) To lobe models. Hoop earrings, points of light, but also pearls are suitable for this type of face because they help to enhance the balance of shapes.

The perfect earrings for the square face
This type of face has angular and well pronounced features, usually at the jaw and cheekbones. In this case, the earrings can be strategically worn to soften the features, therefore green light for soft and sinuous lines, such as oversized circles.

The perfect earrings for the heart-shaped face
The heart-shaped face is the least common type and therefore the most recognizable. To compensate for the narrow and small chin, the perfect earrings for the heart face are rounded and long, but not pointed: green light for chandeliers and teardrop models, such as the OPS! GLITTER with heart pendant.”

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